How To Get Your Truck Job-Site Ready

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A good work truck is.. a good work truck!

And if you’re in the construction trade, in the oil industry, and even if hold an ordinary office job, your truck speaks loads about you.

It speaks to the ladies.

It speaks to the men.

It speaks to your employer.

And if you’re your own boss – it speaks to your clients.

But.. what is it saying?

Getting your truck job-site ready will not only give you certain comforts during your stressful work day - it will ensure you have the needed handling and functionality to get the job done right.

Follow these 5 simple steps to turn your rig into your greatest asset on the job.



If you’re reading this, you probably consider your truck as more than a simple means of transportation.

Yet... transportation is your truck’s number one mission.

And if you want to avoid a mission impossible invest your money in a good lift kit.

With a lift kit, your rig will be capable of traversing the worst of roads, whatever the weather. And next time you get called to a remote job site, you’ll get there in no time.

While enjoying a smooth ride.

By adding clearance to your truck, you’ll also have the option of installing bigger tires. And bigger tires are great for handling difficult terrain... but which are best… 35” tires or 37” tires?

If I still don’t have you convinced, consider the grim alternative of turning down a job because your truck can’t get to the work site.

Ouch. That one really hurts the ego.


Think of your truck bed as your office space.

All of your valuable tools and equipment inside this office space should to be kept safe.

I think it’s a waste of time and effort to load your gear in and out of your truck every day, as your leave for and come back from work.

The best way to protect your stuff from thieves and the elements is by installing the right tonneau cover.

But what’s the most important accessory for any work truck?

You guessed it – it’s the toolbox.

A reliable toolbox will not only protect, but also organize all of your tools and equipment.

You’ll have peace of mind, and your equipment will always be on hand.



Your truck makes you money by carrying as much cargo as possible.

Therefore... maxing out your cargo management system will also max out your profit.

Who can say no to that?

A simple cargo net is all you need to strap down and transport work-related equipment on your roof rack.

This will clear out valuable space in your truck bed. Ka-ching!

And if you don’t need the extra roof space, you can use your cargo net to stabilize the over-sized load in your truck bed.

If you plan on carrying heavy loads with your truck, I also recommend that you install a headache rack.

It will ensure that no heavy load crashes through your rear window.

And… it could happen, even if you’re certain that your load is balanced and secured.

Still short on cargo space?

Add a hitch mounted carrier to your truck’s trailer hitch. This will not only give you additional space – it will make retrieving tools and equipment easier.


The carrier is mounted waist high. And that means no more bending to get your stuff!



You need to protect your truck – especially if you rely on it to earn your income.

Its body and finish are likely to get damaged on the job site.

By installing a tough and durable bed liner and tailgate liner, you’re avoiding costly depreciation caused by ugly scratches, dents, and spills.

And if you want to keep your interior clean,cover your seats with seat covers when you're on the job. This will keep your truck's resale value higher.. if you ever decide to sell.

But to really minimize the risk of work-related accidents, consider installing a rear view camera.

This way your visibility will never be compromised by hauling cargo, materials, or other gear.

STEP 5: TREAT YO SELF (and your truck)


When you’re at the job site working, the last thing you want is to hoist yourself in and out of your truck a couple hundred times.

This wastes your time.. and it’s utterly exhausting.

Ditch your chronic back pain by installing bed steps for easy access to your truck bed.

Do you want to invest in cool and functional accessories for you truck?

Then, what about a heavy-duty tailgate ladder? It folds and mounts on your tailgate when no in use. When you need it, simply extend and enjoy!

I’m interested to hear you get your truck ready for the job-site! So drop me a line in the comments below.

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