5 Steps to Increase Your Acceleration

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Even if your vehicle’s acceleration isn’t its strongest suit, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to about it.

Follow this guide for the top 5 ways for getting that extra kick when you step on the gas.

The time has come to stop sulking and start putting some new life into your vehicle.

Get More Power


The first thing you can do is to get more power.

The easiest way is by ensuring more air make its way into your engine.

More Air = More Power

The obvious step is to increase the size of your air intake or to upgrade to a cold air intake system. You also have the option of upgrading your exhaust system.

However, if you’re set on very noticeable power gains, consider investing in a supercharger or turbocharger. Installing one on your ride can give you upwards of 35% gains in performance! And all of the gains will be yours without making serious blows to your fuel economy.

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But if you don’t feel ready for such a serious investment, think about installing a power programmer.

A programmer will tune your vehicle’s fuel-to-air mixture, ignition timing and other performance aspects timing to an optimal setting.

There are many ways to get the most horsepower from your engine, so it’s important to find one that fits your needs and budget.

Start Re-Gearing


If you have no problem with rolling up your sleeves and getting down to work, start re-gearing.

The rings and pinion gears inside your differential keep a ratio that determines how many times your driveshaft will complete a rotation for every rotation completed by the tire.

‘Taller’ gears are gears with a lower number. They can run faster before your vehicle’s engine reaches its red line. They will give you better fuel economy. But will also reduce your acceleration.

‘Shorter’ gears have a higher number. They can reach the red line at lower speeds.

So re-gearing to ‘shorter’ gears will give you the results you want. But at the expense of your fuel economy.

Reduce Vehicle Weight


This one is obvious, but often overlooked.

To make your vehicle lighter, you first need to figure out what heavy components you’re willing to swap out with lighter ones.

The more common component swaps include replacing your OEM brakes with lighter, 2-piece rotors. This will give you a significant reduction in weight, and will also deliver improved performance and braking power.

Two birds with one stone? Check.

You can also lighten your stock flywheel. This component needs more horsepower to get moving, and replacing it will give you faster acceleration.

How about replacing your battery? Or installing new lightweight alloy wheels?

How far you decide to take this is all up to you.

Improve Grip & Traction

Your vehicle’s max acceleration is a direct result of your tires’ grip and traction.

If your tires’ tread is worn out, you’re giving up acceleration power.

By simply replacing your old tires with new high traction-rated tires will give you the edge you’ve been looking for.

And while you’re at it, consider upgrading your clutch pressure plate and disk to reduce clutch slip. This will move more of that power to the ground.

Focus on Aerodynamics


Aerodynamics is important. And you know it.

So roll up your windows, and get rid of your pretty external accessories.

While this is a step in the right direction, it won’t do enough good.

You need to get as close to the pavement as you can afford. To minimize the airflow which travels under your vehicle, you need to lower your vehicle’s profile. Think lowering springs. They will bring close to the pavement and drop your vehicle’s center of gravity.

And the air that travels over any uneven surfaces, like your suspension and exhaust, actually increases the amount of drag. How to get around this? With a body kit.

All of these upgrades will not only improve your acceleration, they will improve your fuel economy.

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    Well I tried kn air filter. Never did a thing. Tried higher octane. Never gave me more. Miles. I think the computer in the vehicle. Adjust the fuel and air mixture. So you don’t Gane anything with the best air filter or better octane

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