8 Simple Steps for Maintaining Your Exhaust System

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If you dish out the proper TLC, your exhaust system will thank you for it. It will run better and last longer. And it will look great!

Follow my quick checklist to make your exhaust shine like new again!

Take Good Care of Your Muffler

clean muffler

  1. Wipe off as much as you can of the soot and dirt on the outside of your muffler. You can use a dry rag or towel to do this.
  2. Add 1 tea spoon of dishwashing soap in 1 liter of warm water. And using the solution, wash the remaining grease and stains on the outside of your muffler. Wait for your muffler to dry.
  3. Apply metal polish with consistent pressure across your muffler’s dry surface. Buff the area until you get a nice shine!

Don't Forget to Tip

clean tips

Cleaning your exhaust tips is easy and automatically adds style to your vehicle’s rear end!

  1. Wipe down the inside of your tips with a microfiber towel to remove carbon deposits and soot.
  2. Clean both the inside and outside of your tips with an exhaust cleaner. Make sure you are wearing latex gloves before handling the cleaner.
  3. Use #0000 steel wool to ensure you get rid of any remaining carbon deposit and hard water spots.
  4. Gently dry your exhaust tips with a microfiber towel.
  5. Apply metal polish to bring back their shine.

Time to Upgrade?

Now your system looks like new!

But if you want a completely new look or greater power you should think about upgrading!

At TDot Performance we carry everything from Magnaflow, Borla, Corsa, Flowmaster and more!


Have other good advice for maintaining the exhaust system? Let us know in the comments!

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