Proper Maintenance Tips for Your Tonneau Cover

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Canadian weather can be very unpredictable and very harsh. The winter can bring heaps of snow while the summer can sear your vehicle with its intense sun.

One of the best solutions for this type of weather is to equip your vehicle and protect your belongings with a tonneau cover.

But getting the most bang for your buck is not as easy as you might think.

Choosing a functional and durable high quality tonneau cover is just the first step. And that’s because a tonneau cover needs to feel the love.

…the love in this case would be properly caring for your tonneau by following our basic maintenance tips…

What’s the BEST tonneau cover?


When you’re choosing a tonneau cover, go with a reputable brand name that you know you can trust.

Extang and UnderCover are brands recognized across the world for producing some of the most durable hard tonneaus.

Hard tonneau covers are the ultimate in durability and security. Your cargo will be secure from both the elements and prying hands.
But with this added protection also comes added weight.

The good news is that this won’t result in a drop in your fuel economy. The reason is that hard tonneau covers are actually more aerodynamic than their soft counterparts, which offsets their heavier weight factor.

Access, Bestop and Truxedo are top industry leaders for designing and manufacturing some of the most long-lasting soft tonneau covers.

Soft covers are easy to install due to their light weight while providing rudimentary protection against the elements.

But no matter which cover you decide to go with, you can be sure that TDot has it in stock!

Tonneau Cover Maintenance


Tonneau covers are.. expensive!

And when you’ve purchased and installed one, you’ll want to give it the proper care to make sure it lasts through the years.

The good news is that regular tonneau maintenance will be simple and inexpensive. And you’ll actually end up saving money down the road.

The most important thing is to regularly check your cover for scratches, bumps, dents, lodged debris, looseness and corrosion. If you spot anything out of the ordinary early on, you’ll be able to stop it from snowballing into a costly issue.

Inspect all cover mounting hardware, like clamps and bolts, to make sure it’s securely tightened. Because if it’s not, it could seriously damage your tonneau cover.

Slide and close your tonneau a few times to see if operates smoothly. And if that’s not the case, lubricate the rails to prevent any unwanted traction and wear.

Clean your cover with mild soaps that won’t harm its coat or your vehicle. But if your tonneau is made from vinyl, make sure you clean with a vinyl cleaner for the best results.

..When you’re drying it up, remember to do so with a soft cotton cloth or sponge.

And finally, don’t leave heavy equipment or cargo on top of the cover for longer than necessary. This could result in sagging and damage. But if you need to store any gear on top of your cover, make sure to first check the manual for its specific weight ratings.

Have any tonneau maintenance tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments!

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