Winter Tires: A Buyer’s Guide For 2020

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Tires designed for excellent traction in extreme winter weather are essential for drivers living in the northern United States and Canada. Tires manufactured with the mountain snowflake symbol are the real deal for driving on icy roads.

The information provided will help give you knowledge about winter tires. It will explain what types of tires are best for rain and snow. These kinds of tires offer about the same gas mileage as all-season tires. The guide will go into some details on what tires to choose from a variety of manufacturers.

Reasons To Purchase A Set Of Four Snow Tires

Buying a whole set of tires for a vehicle is the best choice. The problem with this is that you will have to remove the current set of tires from the wheels of the vehicle. Removing tires from wheels isn’t a great idea to reinstall them again when the seasons change. That set of tires will never ride as well once removed from the wheels. You will have to store them somewhere for protection from the elements. It will cost extra money to have them reinstalled.

Another alternative that many drivers choose is to buy new wheels for the set of winter tires to be mounted on. This saves you headaches by changing them from the wheels every year. It will save you money eventually. This option also gives you two full sets of rubber for all types of weather.

Make sure the tires are marked from each hub they are removed from. You can rotate the tires to the next one when you reinstall them. Vehicles manufactured today use tire pressure sensors. Make sure to have them on the additional set of wheels you purchase.

The weather patterns have changed so much that winters can have extreme cold spells with temperatures moderating to warmer conditions. You will have the option to change out the tires at home with two sets of wheels for the road without the need for a shop. The two options discussed here are offered to help you make the best decision that works for your situation.

More About Tires And Rims

Snow tires are seldom found anymore with the metal studs designed into them. They gave drivers less mpg with fuel when they were popular. They made more road noise when the vehicle was driven. Winter tires offered on the market now are manufactured with better tread designs that push slush and water away as they move on roads. Tire manufacturers design them now to offer good gas mileage for drivers.

Tires used for winter driving perform well for that purpose. Drivers will notice a difference in how vehicles handle with winter tires. Always drive with caution until you learn how to handle your vehicle with them installed. It shouldn’t take long for a new set of these tires to go through the break-in period.

Drivers thinking about purchasing a set of wheels and winter tires should try to find the same sizes currently on their vehicles. This can save the worry of having to reset the tire pressure monitoring system on some of today’s new vehicles. Some of the very best tires on the market for snow are listed below.

Falken Winter Tire

The Falken Eurowinter HS449 tire would make an excellent set of tires for use in winter weather conditions. The compounds from what the tires are made out of will give you the performance needed to pull your vehicle through any type of winter weather.

The tire’s tread design will allow drivers to brake safely with a better grip. It allows the driver to move forward from a standstill without any slip. The tires offer passengers a smoother ride as they travel. Falken offers various sizes that range from 13-inches up to 20-inches in height to fit wheels. Handling and performance are superb for winter weather conditions.

Goodyear Tires For Winter

Goodyear has always provided drivers with excellent winter tires for many vehicles on the road. The Goodyear Ultra Grip would make an excellent set of tires for driving during the winter. The tire’s studded tread pattern allows it to have a supreme bite to the road during snowy conditions.

The tire features the peak-snowflake emblem discussed earlier in this guide. You know you’re getting a tire designed for reliable performance when it comes to harsh weather on the roads. This tire is durable enough to last for several seasons before replacement. Sizes range from 14-inches up to 19-inches.

Michelin Winter Tires

The Michelin X-Ice Xi3 is a popular tire among drivers for winter weather. These tires offer drivers excellent gas mileage with safety built into the tire for snow. The tire features a directional tread pattern that removes slush and water under the vehicle as it moves. It grips well for braking and starting on hard-packed snowy roads.

Tire sizes are available from 15-inches up to 18-inches. Michelin boasts that the tire will last many seasons before replacement. They guarantee the tire for at least 40,000 miles with a 6-year warranty on which one comes first. The tire is exceptional for winter driving conditions.

BFGoodrich Tires

You can never go wrong when buying tires from this manufacturer. The Winter Slalom KSI is designed for a wide range of vehicles. It provides an excellent grip while driving during snowy weather. The diamond-shaped tread design helps prevent hydroplaning during wet weather. The tire pushes snow and ice away from the vehicle as it moves.

You’re purchasing quality when you think about this manufacturer’s tire. These tires are capable of lasting several years before replacements will be needed. Great traction and excellent braking make this a good tire for use during the winter weather season.

Choose What Works For Your Area

Hopefully, you will have enough information on what type of winter tires to purchase from this article. Other manufacturers feature tires for winter driving conditions. Think about the area you live in before choosing a particular winter tire. Ask your local retailers what type of products they sell before making the final decision on what to buy.

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