2016 Honda Civic Patent Drawings LEAK

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We got our hands on these official patent drawings filed by Honda for both the 10th generation Civic Coupe and Sedan. The images show in great detail what the actual production models will look like! It turns out that the production of the Honda Civic Coupe will remain almost identical to the green Concept model which was debuted at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

But what are the differences?

It won't be a shock to anyone that the bodywork was toned down. But the biggest difference is actually in the bumper design! Both front and rear bumpers of the basic model feature small and not very aggressive air vents and lines. What we suspect is that higher performance models of the Civic Coupe will be closer to the Concept's bumpers.

What you might be disappointed with is that the rear spoiler from the Concept is not on the drawings. But we have hope that it may be a factory option. The wheels and the side mirrors are smaller in reality, and the headlights are changed. From what we can tell, the LED daytime running light strips that extend the bottom of the headlights on the concept car might have been kept.

The good news is that the wraparound tail lights, which are one of the coolest features of the concept, are staying!

The Sedan will not be sporting those tail lights, but comes with 2 extra doors which is a bargain for some enthusiasts.

Image Credit: Honda via CivicX.com

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