7 Must Have Vehicle Storage Products

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With cold weather approaching just around the corner, you start to think about proper winter storage for your really, really nice vehicle. And if you don’t have a really, really nice vehicle - you might get one, so read on.

Here’s a quick list of must-have winter storage products that will help get your ride through those cold long months. And when we say “must-have”, we mean that you can do fine without them, but your life will be less fun.

You Must Have Antifreeze
Just like with motor oil (and most other vehicle fluids) antifreeze can become corrosive when it gets dirty. So, to avoid a problem, top of or change your antifreeze before storing your vehicle for the winter. And don’t forget to remove the coolant inside the radiator as well. When choosing your new antifreeze, look for one with anti-corrosion properties which is rated to provide protection below the freezing point.

You Must Have Antifreeze Hydrometer
Why do you need a hydrometer? To measure your antifreeze density, and inspect it for rust or sediment. For the cost of a few dollars, you will be able to ensure proper cooler concentration to avoid coolant freeze-ups or boil-overs. Nice!

You Must Have Battery Chargers
If you’re still working on your ride, or it’s already a finished project, it’s probably going to hibernate through the winter. And if it is, you need to maintain its battery’s charge. Why? To wake up your baby at the first sign of warmer weather!

You Must Have Jack Stands
It’s a good idea to remove your ride’s wheels and tires while it’s parked for the long winter. Rest it on a set of jack stands, instead. This will take your vehicle’s weight away from its suspension components and premature wear.

You Must Have Car Covers
A word of warning: don’t cover your car with a low quality car cover. Your vehicle’s exterior will thank you for it. So, when you’re choosing a car cover, get one with a breathable fabric. This will prevent moisture build-up and condensation forming on your ride’s surface. And if you spring for a multi-layer cover, your ride will also be safe from the elements, flying debris, and UV rays.

You Must Have Fuel System Additives
You don’t want to leave your tank empty during winter storage. Otherwise your risk problems, like possible corrosion damage caused by condensation inside the fuel system. To avoid any issues, fill up your tank and add a fuel system stabiliser to ensure your fuel won’t break down. After adding the stabiliser, take your car out for one last drive to circulate the fuel through the system.

You Must Have Car Dollies
Once your vehicle is hibernated for the winter - it’s going to be there… for the duration of winter. And if you’re like most, your garage is already cramped. Good car dollies can help you with this by allowing you to move your ride when you need it out of the way. In any direction!

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