Do Bug Deflectors Really Work?

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Bug deflectors are designed to... deflect bugs.

But do they?

The answer is controversial. Some people will swear they work. Other people will insist they don’t.

The internet is full of testimonials which support both sides with conviction. So to make up your own mind, begin by understanding how bug deflectors work.

Their clean lines and shape are designed to create a stream of air going up and along your vehicle’s hood. And this stream is supposed to carry away bugs and other small debris away from your windshield for extra protection.

The hope is that once you install a bug deflector, you can wave goodbye to those unsightly.. and annoying.. bug splatters.

If you’re a skeptic, you might think that the difference created by the air stream is so minimal. You might think the only benefit of bug deflectors is a cooler look.

But, just like with every other product, different manufacturers offer bug deflectors with varying quality. Some make compromises with effectiveness to lower production costs.

The bottom line is, no one should bad mouth all bug deflectors based on a stereotype.

A high quality bug deflector manufactured from premium materials and specially designed for your specific make and model will deliver exceptional results.

So, if you don’t want to be disappointed, you should trust proven industry brands like WeatherTech and AVS. Their bug deflectors feature aerodynamic designs and guarantee the most effective air stream shield protection.

And they look great.

As an added bonus, you won’t only be protecting your hood and windshield from bugs. You will also be protecting your hood and windshield from smaller debris, like sand and stones. And that could make the difference between a chipped, devalued vehicle and a great looking ride.

But… have realistic expectations.

If you drive through a huge cloud of flying bugs, you will end up with dead bugs on your windshield.

Also, if you’re driving slowly, the bug deflector won’t be able to create a strong enough air stream for complete bug and debris protection.

Now let’s go back to our original question: Do bug deflectors really work?

I think so. They do work.

But you’re entitled to your own opinion.

Some people say they don’t work. Others will swear by them.

But like with any other aftermarket accessory, choosing a high quality product will deliver high quality results.

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