Eibach vs. Bisltein – What are the Best Replacement Shocks?

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Choosing the best new shocks for your ride is a big deal.

And if the choice is between Eibach and Bisltein, it’s a hard one. Both seem like excellent choices, right?

So what sets them apart?

The Best from Eibach


Eibach’s slogan “The Will to Win”, says it all.

The company manufacturers the industry’s best suspension components, including springs, coil-overs, dampers, and anti-roll bars.

Eibach products will give you immediate response, reduce body roll, increase stability and improve your cornering.

And if you want a lower, more athletic stance – you’ll get it!

What sets Eibach apart from the rest is their attention to tuning individual components. The end result is a perfect harmony between yourself, your vehicle, and the road.

But what is the best they have to offer?

Pro Damper Kit


The Eibach Pro-Damper Kit is a set of 4 shock absorbers all of which are tuned with compression and rebound characteristics to take full advantage of Pro Kit and Sportline springs progressive coil and recoil rates.

Their design ensures your springs and shocks will never work against each other, and internal pressures within the shock valving will not be compromised.

Basically, they will take advantage of your vehicle’s lower center of gravity and the increased spring rate of your performance springs.

Pro-Damper shocks will also work great with low-profile tires.

And their precise tuning will eliminate any excessive stiffness or ride harshness.

The Best from Bilstein


Bilstein is a legacy with close to a century’s worth of experience in the auto accessories industry.

The company manufactures the highest quality performance-oriented suspension products available on the market.

So if you have a vested interest in your driving comfort and safety, you won’t regret your choice of Bilstein shocks.

What sets them apart from the rest is their exceptional workmanship, reliability, and progressive technology.

And if you don’t trust my word, you’ll find it hard to ignore Bilstein’s best brand awards in the category of sports suspensions, sports shock absorbers and springs.

But what’s the best they have to offer?

Heavy Duty Shocks


With these shocks, your vehicle will perform at its full potential.

And you won’t have to make any compromises with your ride comfort and stability! The reason is their innovative design and the use of a special dampening technology.

The shocks guarantee a truly superior control compared with other conventional alternatives.

And you’ll be happy to know that these shocks will not only work great for your daily drives, but for heavy hauling and off-roading as well.

Their seamless mono-tube design allows you to make instant adjustments. This means you can go from a smooth highway cruise to a rigid off-road drive in no time.

Still can’t decide?

Drop us a comment below or give our product specialists a call at 1-800-276-7566 and we’ll figure it out together!

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