How to Choose the Best Wind Deflector

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Bug deflectors and hood protectors are easily the most underrated exterior accessory you can get for you vehicle.

But the time has come to give them their due.

If you take your vehicle off the road, you can appreciate how vulnerable your paint job and front end are to small flying stones and debris.

And if you’ve ever driven longer distances in the country or cruised at higher speeds in the city, you can appreciate just how annoying bug splats can become. Going through an entire bottle of washer fluid won’t solve this problem and your windshield won’t look any cleaner.

This is where these durable, handy, and affordable deflectors come into play. They work by modifying the flow of air surrounding your vehicle to channel bugs and debris up and away.

TDot Performance offers a wide variety of deflectors from top industry brands. But when you can choose from so many different types and designs, your choice becomes harder. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide on how you can choose the best bug deflector for your ride.

What’s important to know?

With so many types of deflectors to choose from, your first step should be to identify your unique needs. Think about the following:

1. How much vehicle protection are you looking for? This will depend on what your driving style is and what you use your vehicle for. If you drive off the road, you’ll want a more durable deflector to protect your front end from rocks and other debris.

2. Are you looking to add driving comfort? If yes - opt for window deflectors. They will make your ride quieter and will keep the wind out when your windows are rolled down.

3. What climate zone do you live in? If you live in a warmer zone, a sunroof deflector will lower the sun’s glare and will keep the inside of your vehicle cooler. If you live in a cooler zone, vent visors will keep rain, snow, and other moisture away from your cab when you roll down your windows for fresh air.

4. What’s your personal style? Deflectors can make a big change in your vehicle’s style. A chrome finish is great if you’re looking for a sharper, sleeker appearance. On the other hand, a darker finish will give your vehicle a more aggressive, smoky look.

Deflector Types

You have a several options when it comes to finding the perfect deflector for your vehicle.

Vent Visors & Window Deflectors

Installing vent visors and window deflectors means cold and wet rain, sleet, and snow will no longer find its way inside your cab. Rolling down your windows for fresh air will become safe and comfortable for you and your passengers. Window deflectors work by replacing the stale air on the inside with the fresh air on the outside, while keeping away the elements. This is not only for personal enjoyment – it will help you get rid of windshield fogging, increase your heater and AC efficiency, and reduce wind noise.

AVS In-Channel Ventvisor EGR Tape-On Visor WeatherTech Side Window Deflector
wind-deflector-1 wind-deflector-2 wind-deflector-3
Manufactured from a high quality acrylic material for superior strength, durability and flexibility - will never warp, fade or crack. Installation takes only minutes. Visors entirely cover your windows from top to bottom. Available as a 2-piece or 4-piece set. Made from high-impact 3mm acrylic for superior strength, tough enough to protect them from scratches, UV radiation and road debris.
Price: from $89.15
Free Shipping
Price: from $82.02
Free Shipping
Price: from $79.95
Free Shipping




Bug Deflectors

If you hate seeing those kamikaze bug splatters on your windshield, you should get yourself a quality bug deflector. You’ll protect your paint, see the road better, and save on washer fluid. This type of deflector is also called a hood deflector. It’s made from durable high-impact materials that will withstand even the harshest abuse.

Westin Ultraguard Bug Shield EGR Superguard Hood Shield WeatherTech Stone and Bug Deflector
wind-deflector-4 wind-deflector-5 wind-deflector-6
Protects your vehicle from bugs, nicks and debris by contouring its body. Its off-hood design will withstand flex, flutter, & vibrations. The shield provides your vehicle with endurance and aerodynamic styling, while its custom fit to cover your hood completely. Crafted from aerospace-grade acrylic molded to contour the lines of your vehicle. Easy installation with 3M adhesive tape or screws.
Price: from $72.07
Free Shipping
Price: from $126.35
Free Shipping
Price: from $124.95
Free Shipping




Rear Window Deflectors

This type of deflector is great for keeping your vehicle’s cabin cooler by keeping out the sun’s glare from entering through your rear window. Rear window deflectors have a tinted finish which will make the air inside your vehicle enjoyable, even during the hot summer months. And if your vehicle has a sliding rear window, the deflector will allow you to easily control air flow. They will add style to any backseat, and guarantee to blend in perfectly with your installed side window deflectors.

AVS Sunflector Rear Shades Wade Cab Guard Wind Deflector Husky Liners Sunshades
wind-deflector-7 wind-deflector-8 wind-deflector-9
Reduce the temperature in your cab and protect the interior from harmful UV rays which may cause discoloration of your back seats and carpet. Made from impact resistant, high gloss acrylic to protect your rear window from heat and UV rays while reducing drafts, wind noise, and glare. Made from aircraft grade aluminum for added style while protecting your cab and rear window from damaging sunlight, debris, and the elements.
Price: from $109.43
Free Shipping
Price: from $86.86
Free Shipping
Price: from $570.95
Free Shipping

Sunroof Deflectors

Sunroof deflectors will let you drive with an open sunroof without having to endure turbulent air inside the cab! These deflectors work by channeling airflow that’s headed towards your cab up and away from your vehicle. And their stylish tinted finish will spare you and your passengers from the sun’s glare for a calmer and cooler driving environment.

AVS Windflector WeatherTech Sunroof Deflector Westin Sunroof Deflector
wind-deflector-10 wind-deflector-11 wind-deflector-12
Enjoy complete comfort while giving your vehicle a sleek new style with greatly reduced in-cabin wind noise and air turbulence. Made from 4mm smoke-tinted cast acrylic for superior durability. Able to handle the highest speeds and winds because of unique MagiClip fastening system. Circulates fresh air inside your vehicle, while reducing drafts and noise. You can even leave your side windows opened to prevent heat buildup while parked!
Price: from $89.47
Free Shipping
Price: from $99.95
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Price: from $85.83
Free Shipping

Still can’t decide which type of wind deflector is best for your vehicle?
Drop us a line in the comments below and we’ll help you figure it out!

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