How to Shop for an OPTIMA Battery

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If you’re looking to get your hands on new automotive or marine batteries, you can’t go wrong in trudging a name like OPTIMA Batteries. The brand’s products are easily ranked at the top of the battery food chain thanks to their quality and longevity. So, it’s only natural to take a closer look at what they have to offer.

OPTIMA manufactures three main series of batteries: RedTop, YellowTop, and BlueTop. All are AGM-styled (absorbed glass mat) batteries, while each series is developed for a specific application.

The OPTIMA Factor
Not sure that OPTIMA has the best batteries on the market? Well, we’re not writing this guide to convince you. But whatever your brand preference, you can’t argue the facts.

OPTIMA AGM-styled batteries are constructed from only premium materials. But this isn’t the only thing that sets them apart from the common lead acid batteries and gel batteries.

The latter two types are basically made up of negatively and positively charged lead plates which are suspended in sulphuric acid. That’s well and good. Except these lead plates are very susceptible to cracking and breaking. And if that happens, your batteries would start to spill hazardous chemicals. And even if you’re not an avid environmentalist, or don’t care much about the danger of spilled sulphurous, you will have to replace this type of battery more frequently which can really run up its cost.

On the other hand, OPTIMA batteries are constructed with extremely pure lead (and we mean 99.99% pure). This is what guarantees their superior longevity, durability, and performance. Higher lead purity also means lower resistance inside the battery. And lower resistance delivers more power. To further improve on their design, these pure lead plates are not suspended in a liquid or gel acid bath like in other batteris. They are actually compressed and firmly fixed in place. This means the plates won’t be bothered by any vibrations and movement. And this also allows them to deliver more power…

…if you’re looking at cranking power per pound, OPTIMA batteries are the exceptional choice.

OPTIMA RedTop Batteries

The OPTIMA RedTop battery is manufactured with high-powered engines in mind. This battery is perfect for any vehicle sporting a high-compression big block engine which is not burdened with a lot of power-hungry accessories, like a huge audio system, a heavy winch, or high-output exterior lighting.

If your alternator has the capacity to keep your vehicle’s electrical equilibrium, your top choice should be a RedTop battery. It will always give you the high-power cranking you’re looking for to get your big block started.

Choose RedTop if:
- you need high-power cranking
- your vehicle is not modded with a lot of aftermarket electronics
- your vehicle does not have a heavy electrical load

OPTIMA YellowTop Batteries

In comparison to the RedTop, OPTIMA’s YellowTop battery is designed to take on a much heavier electrical load. This makes it the ideal choice for drag racing, winching and off-roading, lowriding with subwoofers, and… you get the idea.

YellowTops will pick up the slack and take on the electrical load which your alternator or charging system is not able to. Yes, you’ll be sacrificing a little cranking power. But don’t worry, this battery is constructed to be drained and recharged again and again for reliable starting and operating power.

OPTIMA YellowTop batteries are designed with a unique chemistry and internal make up which give them a lot more power-storing capacity. They are also better at tolerating repeated discharge to a lower voltage compared to competitors’ equivalent batteries. And batteries that aren’t properly equipped to handle an up-and-down deep cycle usage will have an extremely short life.

Choose YellowTop if:
- you run key-off electronics
- your vehicle is equipped with power-hungry aftermarket electronics
- your battery needs to recover from deep power drains

OPTIMA BlueTop Batteries
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BlueTop batteries differ from the rest of OPTIMA’s lineup in that they feature automotive-type posts and male-threaded studs. And this makes them perfect for marine or RV applications. Other than that, BlueTop batteries feature the same design and internal workings as RedTops and YellowTops.

BlueTops in a dark grey case serve an identical purpose to RedTops - these batteries are designed for high-power engine cranking applications.

BlueTops in a light grey case serve an identical purpose to YellowTops - these batteries are designed for deep-cycle applications.

Choose BlueTop if:
- you need more cranking power or deep cycling for your marine or RV application

Still not sure which Optima Battery to choose? Drop us a line in the comments below and we'll help you figure it out!

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