The BEST Camping Gear (for your car)

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Summer is finally here! And we love it.

It’s the Canadian way to gather family and friends and head out of the city for the season’s first camping trip.

After all, nature is awesome!

But there are some definite drawbacks you have to deal with.

Like limited space and having to cram all of your cargo and gear in the trunk and on the back seat of your car.

Or, arriving at your camp site only to realize that you forgot to pack your sleeping gear…!

But you know what? Camping doesn't have to be rugged.

If you’re equipped with the right gear, it could even be luxurious.

So before heading out to one of the national parks for a week-long adventure, check out our list of must-have car camping accessories.

If you’re camping with your kids, or just want to impress your friends around the fire pit, you can be certain that the right camping gear will keep your trip safe, your cargo organized, and your clothes dry.



Canadian wilderness is vast, to say the least. There are literally thousands of places you could choose to visit on your next camping trip.

But to reach most of these destinations, you may need to travel down a dirt road or two.

Think about it:

Choosing to arrive at your next campsite on four wheels means you can also bring your mountain bike, kayak, hardcover pulp fiction and the essential cooler with cold, cold beers.

But depending on where you end up, and when you get there, your shelter options could be limited.

Camper Shells

Your tent is your home away from home.

But you won’t regret owning a camper shell.

Imagine arriving at your campsite after dark, or in the middle of a thunderstorm. When you’re out in nature, you can never be sure that the conditions will allow you to set up your tent or other shelter.

And this is when having a camper shell installed on your vehicle can be a lifesaver.

A tough camper shell and a comfy air mattress is everything you’ll need to face even the toughest camping challenge.

Sleeping under a camping shell means you’ll be elevated above ground, and protected from the elements. You’ll be safe, warm, and dry.

camping-1 camping-2 camping-3

Truck Tents

If you prefer a more traditional camping experience, a truck tent is a great option.

The functionality of truck tents is more or less the same as that of camper shells. Except that you’ll actually be pitching a tent… inside your truck bed!

But what are their advantages over traditional tents?

For one, truck tents are easy to set up and take apart in just a few minutes.

And if you purchase one with an overhanging sunshade, you can enjoy additional shelter from direct sunlight or heavy rain… without having to be cooped up inside your tent!

Your valuable cargo will also be kept safe and dry and above the flood level of rivers or pooling rain water.



Space is always important. Especially when you’re going camping.

When you don’t have space, you need to make the hard choice of what to bring and what to leave behind.

And it’s very probable that when you’re cramming all of your stuff inside of your vehicle, you happen to forget something essential to your trip.

Hopefully, you don’t forget the food… or the toilet paper…

But please, don’t leave this to chance (or luck)!

Being organized is the best way to make sure everything you need for your trip will be packed and ready to go.

Rooftop Carriers & Cargo Boxes

A rooftop carrier means more space for your stuff.

Plus – your cargo and food will be kept up and away from bugs... and even bears!

But if you’re going camping with a larger group of people, space becomes even more of an issue.

In cases like this, consider buying a cargo box to mount on top of your trailer hitch.

That will give you convenient access to any items you need regularly, like finishing gear or a change of clothes.

camping-4 camping-5 camping-6

Bike Carriers

Answer me this:

What’s the point of owning a mountain bike, if you won’t bring it with you on your next camping trip?

Off-roading with your bike sounds great!

But you need to figure out how you’ll transport your bike, first.

Bike carriers are available in such a wide range of prices and designs, that it won’t be difficult to find the right one for you.

Just figure out how many bikes you need to transport, where you want to mount them, and what your budget is.

camping-7 camping-8 camping-9

Canoe & Kayak Carriers

If you’re into watersports, you have to invest in a safe and secure transportation option.

Modern carriers offer easy loading and unloading for canoes, kayaks, and any other long loads. And their price definitely won’t break your bank.

So you have no reason to risk your safety, the safety of others, and your expensive water equipment by using a homemade carrier.

You don’t want your canoe to slide right off your vehicle’s roof as you’re driving down the highway, right?



Remember that you’re going camping to enjoy yourself.

Getting away from your busy lifestyle and the loud city noise doesn't mean you have to give up the basic comforts that you’re used to.

Cargo Nets

Cargo nets are great cargo organizers and space maximizers.

For a small one time investment you’ll know your cargo is staying put in one place. So even when you make a sharp turn, or step hard on the brakes there’ll be no shifting or rolling in your trunk.

A cargo net will also help to compartmentalize your trunk space, which means you’ll find a place for all of your luggage, gear, and equipment.

Bed Liners

When you’re camping, you’re out in nature.

And nature is primarily made up of dirt, mud, sand, and ash that will probably get all over you and your stuff. If you have no access to running water, cleaning up becomes an issue.

Installing a bed liner becomes a good choice.

A bed liner will keep any sloshed liquids or debris locked into its grooves, and away from your cargo. And away from your vehicle’s fabric.

When you get home, a bed liner is easy to clean.

camping-10 camping-11 camping-12

Other Accessories

You should also stock up on tie downs which can be used to secure bulky cargo.

And if you’re planning to veer off the main road to reach your camp site, take the precaution of bringing an extra container of gas.

This will give you the peace of mind you need to fully enjoy your trip.

And logically, the best way to transport a gas cylinder safely is with a gas cylinder holder.

Never go into the wilderness without packing other safety essentials, including a first aid kit, tire repair kit, and a fire extinguisher.

And finally, kick back and have as much fun as you can!

Did we miss anything important? Share your experience with our community!

What is the most important item or equipment that you always bring when you’re camping?

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