How To Buy the Best Performance Muffler

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If you’re like me, you love the sound of a powerful engine.

Unfortunately, your stock vehicle is equipped with a restrictive muffler which basically works as a silencer… the good news is that all you have to do to un-cripple your engine is to upgrade to a high performance muffler! Aftermarket mufflers are designed using the latest in technology, design, and workmanship to give your vehicle the voice it’s been missing. But with so many options on market, where do you start looking? When you throw in a wide variety of materials, styles, and brands, you might be feeling overwhelmed with your choice.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help you find the best performance muffler for your ride.

So, what’s a performance muffler?

A performance muffler differs from your stock unit in a few key areas. For one, its larger, more open design allows the smoothest flow of air with virtually no restriction. This larger internal space can accommodate a larger volume of exhaust flow. And that means your engine will not only sound better - it will also start to work more efficiently for more horsepower and improved fuel economy!

Are you worried that upgrading your stock muffler will take you outside the law? That’s not the case. Most performance mufflers are designed to transform your engine’s sound by emphasising its natural tones… but their job is also to keep the decibel levels at a legal level. This means you’ll be able to both feel and hear your vehicle’s improved performance.

What do I need to consider when shopping for a performance muffler?

Like I said earlier, you have a lot of mufflers to choose from. And each has its set of advantages and disadvantages. So let me walk you through the different options.

Power & Sound

Race-ready mufflers, or mufflers with fewer baffles, will create less restriction for air flowing through. This means you’ll have more power (few restrictions = quicker air flow = more air volume = more power). And who doesn’t want more power, right? But it does come at a cost, so consider this decision carefully. If you opt for a race-ready muffler, you’ll probably end up with an aggressive sound that’s outside of the legal limit. Your vehicle will be super loud, and will draw (unwanted?) attention.

But don’t think that you won’t get noticeable power gains with a quitter muffler. Even a super quiet performance muffler will deliver a huge amount of air flow. And it will be enough to satisfy the demands of your engine and any other performance mods you’ve made.

Materials & Size

Most performance mufflers are manufactured from stainless steel or aluminised steel. Both materials are of extremely high quality and guarantee durability and longevity. But one might be better for your vehicle, depending on where you live.

If you live in a humid area, or where road salt is used, you’ll should consider buying a stainless steel performance muffler. The reason is that higher levels of moisture and salt are very corrosive and can be very damaging in the long run. There are 2 popular grades of stainless steel available: T409 and T304. T409 is the most common between the two, however T304 stainless steel has a higher corrosion resistance.

If you live a drier area where humidity and road salt is not an issue, you’ll have no problem with an aluminised steel muffler, as the risk of corrosion will be extremely low. So, you can freely choose between muffler materials. And whatever your choice, you’ll enjoy the performance benefits without any concerns for sustaining corrosion damage.

In terms of size, the rule of thumb is counterintuitive: the smaller the muffler, the louder it will be. The reason is that smaller mufflers are outfitted with fewer sound-reducing baffles.

Muffler Fit & Installation

The installation of a performance muffler is usually not a simple bolt-on job. If you’re getting a high performance unit, understand that it will have to be welded on, or clamped in place with specialty hardware. In fact, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to find yourself a direct-fit muffler, which means you’ll also have to make modifications to your vehicle’s stock exhaust system to install it.

If that sounds too much for you, take a look at Flowmaster’s direct-fit mufflers. And keep your fingers crossed that they manufacture a muffler for your make and model. Flowmaster is actually one of very, very few companies that make direct-fit mufflers. So if you do find one, you should feel very special.

But if you don’t find one, don’t feel discouraged. To find a muffler that’s closest to your stock unit, measure its case length, width, inlet and outlet sizes and layouts. And choose a performance muffler that is the closest match to your measurements. Trust recognised brands with a tradition in manufacturing performance mufflers. TDot Performance is an authorised dealer of industry leading names including Magnaflow, MBRP, Borla, Corsa, Megan Racing, Gibson Performance, BBK, Dynomax and many more!

Will I Lose My Factory Warranty??

No. Thanks to the Magnusson Moss Warranty Act, your factory warranty can’t be voided because you installed a performance muffler. You can read more about it here.

Flowmaster Super 44 Series Delta Flow Muffler Borla ProXS Series Muffler Magnaflow Performance Muffler
muffler-1 muffler-2 muffler-3
Deliver the deepest, richest, most aggressive exhaust note from all of Flowmaster's street mufflers! Available with a 2-chamber design for massive gains in power and torque. Manufactured from 16-gauge aluminized steel or durable 409S stainless steel. MIG-welded construction for extreme durability. Major gains in power, maximised airflow and a deep and aggressive engine sound. Available with a straight-through design with a stainless steel shell, and a perforated exhaust tube. A unique acoustical fiber is used in their construction to absorb the sound waves without any disruption to power waves. Perforated steel construction for the most rugged reliability in the most radical of climates. Designed with welded joints for aggressive performance. Amazing acoustics for a deep, rich and aggressive sound, allowing air to flow freely through. Will outlast the competition with a lifetime warranty.
Special Powers:
- 2-chamber design
- MIG-welded
- limited lifetime warranty
Special Powers:
- superior corrosion resistance
- straight-through design
- stainless steel shell
Special Powers:
- perforated steel construction
- welded joints
- limited lifetime warranty
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Can't find the best muffler for your vehicle? Drop us a line in the comments below and we'll help you figure it out!

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