Mass Air Flow Sensors: Everything to Know

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Your vehicle’s computerised sensors have one very important job. And that job is to feed the engine with the optimal ratio of air and fuel… so you can enjoy peak horsepower and performance! And the stock engine sensors are good at their job, unless you’ve changed the rules by installing any performance mods.

If that’s the case, running your stock sensors is probably costing you some horsepower. So consider upgrading your vehicle with a performance mass air flow sensor. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve your engine’s performance. And why not take full advantage of your motor?

How Do Mass Air flow Sensors Work?
Your vehicle’s mass air flow sensor (also called “MAF”) works by heating up a thin wire to check the volume of air entering the engine. On the other side, your vehicle’s computer calculates the electrical resistance by seeing how long it takes for the passing air to cool down that same wire. And with this complete picture of air flow, the computer can tell the fuel injectors how much fuel they need to add or remove from the air-to-fuel mixture.

Do I Really Need to Upgrade?
If you’ve already modded your engine to increase air flow, you should upgrade your MAF. Your stock unit is probably not equipped to gauge a bigger volume of air, and this will entirely throw off its signals. The computer will direct an unbalanced mixture of air and fuel which will hurt your acceleration, high RPM horsepower, and fuel economy.

A performance MAF has the physical capacity to measure a higher air volume. It also has improved programming for super accurate readings on that same high volume. So your vehicle’s computer will have all the info it needs to take care of that performance engine. Vroom!

You should also consider upgrading your stock mass airflow sensor if you believe it’s been damaged. Wondering how that can happen?

You might have damaged your MAF, if:

- You sprayed the MAF sensor wire or air filter with injector or brake cleaner
- You touched the MAF sensor elements and the oils and acids from your skin contaminated it
- You haven’t cleaned your air intake’s filter, allowing dirt, bugs and other debris to make their way through the filter media and into your MAF sensor elements
- You used way too much oil while cleaning your air filter
- You did not use a filter at all with your air intake, so bugs, dirt, and debris contaminated the MAF
- You have a low-slung cold air intake installed and did not protect the filter with a hydroshield
- You installed an air intake without tightening your battery’s terminal connections, leading to damaging voltage spikes which could fry your MAF

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Still not sure if you should upgrade to a performance MAF? Drop us a comment below and we'll help you figure it out!

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