Wheel Locks – Do You Really Need Them?

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A set of brand new, cool, shiny, custom rims is easily one of the top mods you can get for your vehicle. But the cost of a new set can easily go into the four digits. And when you make an investment that big, you want to make sure it’s protected.

This is where wheel locks come into play. They will protect your rims and tires from potential thieves, giving you complete peace of mind.

How Do They Work?

Wheel locks replace your ordinary lug nuts to secure your rims and tires.

They can only be removed with the help of the included specialty key which is unique to each set.

And it’s up to you to decide if you want to replace all of your lug nuts, or just one. Just bear in mind that the more locks you have – the harder it becomes to remove your wheels and tires.

Take care when you’re installing your new locks. You will want to use a torque wrench for this - otherwise they may rattle loose with time.

Do I Really Need Them?

The choice is yours.

But if you’ve spent a small fortune on new rims, these inexpensive security devices are a must.

Wheel locks make it close to impossible for anyone other than you to remove them. That’s because of the super small space around them – it’s only big enough to house the specialty key. And when a prying tool can’t fit, your rims and tires will remain locked down.

Wheel locks are far from your standard OEM lug nuts. And while you’re deterring potential thieves, you’re also playing up your rim’s style.

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