How to Make the Most of Your Garage Space

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With a big garage, or a small garage clutter is never your friend. And if you want your garage to become more than a holding area for all sorts of random items, you need to organize the clutter.

So, what do you need to do to make the most of your garage space?

Follow our easy guide to turn your garage into the functional workspace you and your vehicle dream of.

Start From the Bottom

You need to upgrade your concrete floor. Why?

Concrete is porous which makes cleaning up oil spots, paint spills or any other mess mission impossible.

Investing in a good quality garage floor will give your floors a great finish that is easier to maintain, while making the space more enjoyable for you to spend time in.

Upgrade Your Walls

Wall-mounted adjustable shelving units trump stationary shelves every time.

They allow you to set up your space based on your unique needs. You’ll finally have the custom configuration you need to organize your ever-growing collection of garage tools, as well as home supplies like leftover paint, light bulbs, and your bulky holiday decorations.

And you can always add on additional shelving in the future, as your needs change.

Tame Your Messy Clutter

We all know that the cluttered small parts will slowly but surely take over any space if left unchecked! And the only way to tame the madness is with the right organizational strategy.

This will not only clear up valuable space – it will save you time and frustration the next time you’re looking for that one part you need. So, you can finally focus on your projects.

...and you'll need great accessories to get the job done!

garage-parts-1 WeatherTech Outdoor Mat
Don't be fooled... these mats are not ordinary! They're designed, engineered and manufactured using the same innovative technology found in the highest quality WeatherTech automotive accessories to fit the needs of even the busiest doorway. The mat is manufactured from 100% recyclable resin with a scraper edge combined with semi-rigid cones which will work to remove even the smallest debris from shoes. The special perimeter vents around its edges will quickly and easily drain liquids away from the mat. This stylish mat will stay put and lay flat - always. And it's simply the best and most functional accessory for any garage floor.
Price: from $59.95
Free Shipping
garage-parts-2 UWS Aluminum Portable Toolbox
UWS Portable Toolboxes are specially designed to protect and secure your valuables at home and in your vehicle - this makes them extremely useful when you need to transport your tools to the job site, conveniently. Their design features a high quality, durable aluminum tub and lid which will absorb liquids and prevent leakage. The toolboxes are available in two finishes. Their lockable Twist Latch will secure both the box and its contents. And you'll also appreciate the pull handle on top of tote for easy, convenient handling.
Price: from $204.85
Free Shipping
garage-parts-3 Moroso Tool Trays
Moroso Tool Trays will help you organize your tools and equipment for easier handling. Their lightweight design is made from durable .063'' aluminum. Their unique design allows them to rest securely on the neck of your carburetor. The trays are covered with a rubber mat to keep parts from moving and sliding. They also features spark plug holders and plug wire holders. Moroso is a recognized name in the performance industry manufacturing over 4,000 products including everything from oil pans and oiling systems, to ignition wire, ignition components, valve covers, fuel system equipment, air cleaners, and more.
Price: from $173.55
Free Shipping
garage-parts-4 Go Rhino Garage Utility Racks
Go Rhino Garage Utility Racks offer you a simple and convenient solution for storing your loose items while improving the overall appearance of your garage, shop or trailer! The organizers are available in more than 30 sizes, and a variety of styles to suit your specific needs. They are manufactured from strong steel, and come in white, red, or black powder coated finish. They are constructed from high quality mild steel, so you be sure they'll last!
Price: from $50.68
Free Shipping
garage-parts-5 Thule Bike Stands
Thule Bike Stackers will lift your bikes from the floor, and free up some valuable space in your home, apartment or garage! The bike stands will safely and securely hold up to 2 bikes. The stackers are freestanding, which means you won't have to concern yourself with drilling for a wall attachment. They are secure, and easy to use. And they'll free up the valuable floor space you need to make the most of your space!
Price: from $179.99
Free Shipping

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