10 Best Canadian Auto Blogs You Need To Follow

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Looking to update your sources for auto news, reviews, guides, and more?

Several Canadian bloggers and review websites have become real influencers in the automotive world. Writing about car culture and tradition is what they do best, and if you’re not following them, you’re missing out. Check out the best sources for news, road test results, comparisons, buying guides, and car lifestyle content in our list of Top 10 Canadian Auto Bloggers.

Matthew Guy

Matthew Guy is a contributing author at Wheels.ca. He’s well known for his engaging car reviews covering Canada’s rich history—from 19th century steam buggies to muscle cars and super series rides. This Nova Scotia author has been exploring car culture for over three decades, and is one of the most captivating Canadian auto bloggers you can follow.

You can find Matthew Guy’s articles here
Follow him on Twitter @matthewkguy

Jil McIntosh

Jil McIntosh is a Candian auto blogger, free-lance writer at the National Post, and a member of the Automobile Journalists of Canada. She reviews new and antique cars in her special-interest articles and features for Autofocus.ca and Automotive News Canada. Her features include daily news reports, car reviews, and extremely useful buyer guides. Jill has decades of experience and has been writing about the industry since 1982. She’s also a proud owner of a vintage tractor, because, as she puts it herself, “every woman wants one”.

You can find Jill McIntosh’s auto blog here
Follow her on Twitter @JilMcIntosh

Lorraine Sommerfeld

Lorraine Sommerfeld is a Canadian auto blogger, columnist for Postmedia, and a host of The Lemon Aid Car Show on CHCH TV. Her captivating auto blog focuses on car safety, lifesaving practices, insurance, car buying guides, driving with pets, and more. One of her recent articles included useful tips on avoiding hurricane-affected cars when shopping for a new car (you can check it out here).

You can find Lorraine Sommerfeld’s auto blog here
Follow her on Twitter @TweeetLorraine

Jim Kenzie

Jim Kenzie is one of Canada’s leading automotive journalists. He writes for magazines, newspapers, and websites all around the globe. A winner of the Journalist of the Year Award, presented by Automotive Journalists Association of Canada, Jim Kenzie brings over three decades of professional experience in automotive publication.

Check out his car reviews and articles at Wheels.ca

Matt Bubbers

Matt Bubbers is a Canadian auto blogger and Autofocus.ca author with more than 450 auto-related articles! He’s also a columnist and feature writer for the Globe and Mail’s Drive section, as well as an automotive editor at Sharp magazine. Matt’s passion is traveling around the world and reviewing anything from exotic cars and budget barges to smarters, secret next-gens, and electrifying Teslas.

You can check out Matt’s articles at Autofocus.ca
Follow him on Twitter @mattbubbers

Brian Harper

The former deputy editor for the National Post's Post Driving section, Brian has almost four decades of experience in the automotive industry. An award-winning writer and editor, Brian Harper is also a founding member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada.

You can find his car reviews at Driving.ca and the National Post

Antonio Jakes

Antonio Jakes is a Canadian auto blogger and owner of The Green Light car blog. His blog features vehicle reviews, automotive news, auto show updates, and interviews with industry experts. Check out his car care tips, buying tips and auto-themed reviews on movies, TV series and music.

You can find Antonio Jakes’ auto blog here
Follow him on Twitter @AntonioJakes

Yanko Design

Yanko Design is an online magazine and auto blog offering the latest automotive product design news and car concepts. Focused on the innovative, the undiscovered, and the future, Yanko Design is one of the most engaging auto blogs among Canadian automotive enthusiasts, with thousands of articles about F1 racing prototypes, modern day Mad-Max motors, High-Performance Carbon Reduction cars, aircraft-like motorcycles, and more!

You can find Yanko Design’s auto blog here
Follow Yanko Design on Twitter @yankodesign

Calvin Chan

Calvin Chan is an auto blogger with serious experience in test driving and car reviewing. He is the managing editor for the Toronto-based online auto reviews magazine Canadian Auto Review – the first Canadian automotive website to offer engaging automotive content in both English and Chinese. We loved Clavin’s content because of his descriptive first-drive reviews (check out his 2018 Chevrolet Traverse review), as well as the stunning photographs and galleries featured on the website.

You can find Calvin Chan’s auto blog here
Follow Canadian Auto Review on Twitter @CanAutoReview


As the name suggest, this is a blog about cars—including trucks and SUVs, of course. To be more specific: a photo heavy blog for Canadian car enthusiasts, providing news, buying guides, and other engaging content for a community of auto enthusiasts. This user-friendly blog features an events calendar and a forum which you should definitely follow if you want to connect with other car enthusiasts across the country.

Visit Carsblogcanada.com, or follow them on Instagram

Our Top 10 List includes leading Canadian auto bloggers and influencers who published the most read and shared articles on auto subjects in 2017. Did we miss your favourite Canadian auto blogger? Share them with us in the comments below!

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