The Best Family Cars for Auto Enthusiasts

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If you're like most car guys (or girls) with a family, you probably don't have the space or the means to own multiple cars. And when your passion for cars has to come in second place (or third place, or fourth place) you have to make compromises with your family's vehicle line up.

You want to own a car that performs, but need one that is easy to drive in heavier traffic.

You want to own a car that handles well in tight corners, but need one that can fit a rear-facing car seats.

There are even more decisions to be made when it comes to leasing, buying new, or buying used. It's tempting to find a used car that fits your budget and hits most points on your performance wishlist, but you also run the risk of costly maintenance and hidden problems. On the other hand, getting a new car comes with luxuries that are hard to pass on, like the best safety features, practical design, and coolest technologies.

It's hard to make the case for a car with less than 4 or 5 doors. Yes, you could try to make the case that a coupe could be a family car, as it technically does have a backseat. But if we're being honest, it's a big stretch. A coupe would only work (not so well) for a family with younger kids that think it's fun to climb in the back. And while everyone has their own style and idea of what type of car is fun to own and drive, there are some "staple cars" we can all agree on.

Dodge Charger SRT
family car 1
The Charger SRT will certainly check your boxes with its 485-hp 6.4L V8 engine. It will fit your family comfortably, while its adaptive suspension and three driving modes (auto, sport, and track) will bring back the pleasure in your daily commutes. And if you're ready to go overboard, what about the SRT Hellcat? It's 707-hp supercharged 6.2L V8 engine makes it the most powerful sedan on the market!

Ford Fiesta ST
family car 2
The Ford Fiesta ST is fun choice with its 197-hp 1.6L turbocharged engine, firm steering and excellent braking. The 6-speed stick-shift manual transmission will change your drives from dull to exciting. And the practical and comfortable cabin is completely family-proof. And if you want to keep it sporty you go with the optional Recaro bucket seats!

Golf GTI
family car 3
The Golf GTI is an all-time favorite across the enthusiast community. The 5-door hatchback's 210-hp 2.0L turbo base engine and 6-speed manual transmission make this car a popular choice. You can choose to go with an automatic transmission, or add more power with the Performance package which will also deliver beefier brakes and a torque-sensing limited-slip diff.

Subaru WRX
family car 4
The WRX's hood scoop, flared fenders and performance engine make this sedan a true classic! Its 268-hp 2.0L turbo engine, 6-speed manual transmission, and all-wheel drive all guarantee all family members will enjoy the drives. For even more pleasure, this Subaru's crisp steering and quick turn-in will make you feel like you're truly on the track!

How do you strike the balance between pleasure and practicality? Share your top choice for a family car for enthusiasts in the comments below!

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