2017 Honda Ridgeline Wins Truck Bed Wars?

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In the race for the best pickup truck bed, the main contenders are steel and aluminum in the face of Chevy and Ford pickups. Chevy recently released a video showing how their Silverado's steel bed sustained much less damage compared to the F-150 aluminum bed after both were bombarded by 800 lbs. of landscaping blocks.

But Honda has just changed the rules of the game by introducing the idea of composites. Not willing to stand on the sidelines, the Japanese automaker staged an identical block-drop quality test on its new Ridgeline's truck bed. And guess what? Its composite high-strength bed sustained almost no damage.

Now, you can't say with certainty that both tests were identical in severity. And the results aren't scientific.

But does it really matter? It's up to truck buyers to decide.

If you own a pickup, it's not unlikely that you would unload 800 lbs. of blocks into your own truck bed. But there is one thing we're sure about. The 2017 Ridgeline has one tough truck bed.

What's your preferred truck bed: steel, aluminum, or composite?

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