10 Best Exhaust Systems

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Your exhaust system has the important job to vent spent exhaust gases. As quickly as possible.

But your stock exhaust is restrictive. And it was built with less than premium materials. Why? Because noise requirements are important. And so is the bottom line.

At the opposite end of the spectrum you’ll find a performance exhaust system. It will unleash your engine’s potential for more power and more sound.

So, the choice to upgrade your stock system was probably an obvious one. Your next step will be to narrow down your search for a system that’s right for your vehicle and needs.

This list of top 10 exhaust systems is a great place to start.

1. Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

Flowmaster Exhaust Systems will give your vehicle aggressive performance gains and a deep, throaty roar. The systems are pre-tuned to ensure your vehicle's performance is maximized. They feature one of two innovative technologies: Delta Flow and Laminar Flow. Each delivers a distinct sound and can be custom tuned for the perfect exhaust note. The systems allow such complete control that they remain a top choice for both racers focused on achieving aggressive power gains, and the U.S. Air Force for use in stealth missions, in which case complete silence and minimal heat emissions are a top priority! The take away here is that Flowmaster exhausts are versatile enough to meet the needs of the daily driver, the muscle car racer, the euro-spec cruiser and even sport compact vehicle owner!

American Thunder Force II Outlaw
best-exhausts-1 best-exhausts-2 best-exhausts-3
The system will give your classic American big performance engine a classic sound. You can choose between a Mild-Moderate Sound, a Moderate Sound, an Aggressive Sound, a Moderate-Aggressive Sound, or Mild Sound. The system will give you sound suitable for your daily driving. You can choose between a Mild Sound, a Mild-Moderate Sound, or a Moderate Sound for enhanced performance at a lower decibel level that's not tiring. The system will deliver a powerful sound. You can choose between a Moderate Sound, an Aggressive Sound, or a Moderate-Aggressive Sound. This is truly the closest you will get to a racing roar without risking an arrest!
Special Powers:
- most popular Flowmaster system
- pre-tuned on dynamometer
- symbol of American power
Special Powers:
- for longer distance driving & commuting
- pre-tuned on dynamometer
- designed for a perfect fit
Special Powers:
- sound may be illegal in some areas
- race-bred components
- works with standard vehicles
Style: Header-back Style: Cat-back Style: Cat-back
Price: from $334.75
Free Shipping
Price: from $383.95
Free Shipping
Price: from $445.02
Free Shipping

2. Magnaflow Exhaust Systems

MagnaFlow Exhaust Systems will amaze you with their smooth and aggressive sound and aggressive power and torque gains! The system is constructed using high quality stainless steel tubing to guarantee superior strength and durability. All pipes are mandrel bent to keep their shape and size - pipes which aren't mandrel bent may deform and kink over time, which will reduce the flow area and decrease airflow volume. These exhaust systems are available with premium mufflers featuring a unique acoustics-absorbing material that absorbs sound waves without disturbing power waves. The result is an extremely low restriction on the exhaust gas flowing through the pipe.

Stainless Cat-Back Pro-Series Custom-Builder
best-exhausts-4 best-exhausts-5 best-exhausts-6
The systems are available with high-powered mufflers featuring a steel mesh core which quickly warms up to maintain an optimum temperature for exhaust movement. All pipes are mandrel bent to keep their shape and size. Featuring stainless steel satin finish mufflers and mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing, this system will improve your vehicle's overall performance by providing exhaust scavenging and an enhanced gas flow. Systems will assist you in creating your own exhaust system with customized options and quality parts for aggressive gains in horsepower and torque. They come packaged with all required building blocks & components.
Special Powers:
- high quality stainless steel tubing
- high-powered muffler
- lifetime warranty
Special Powers:
- entry-level performance diesel system
- stainless steel muffler
- satin finish
Special Powers:
- create your own system
- high quality components
- may require cutting
Style: Cat-Back Style: Turbo-back Style: Turbo-back
Price: from $50.33
Free Shipping
Price: from $268.20
Free Shipping
Price: from $323.51
Free Shipping

3. Borla Exhaust Systems

Borla systems can be distinguished on three levels. Firstly they are made from the highest quality materials, including stainless steel, titanium and carbon fiber. The materials contain high levels of nickel and chromium to guarantee superior corrosion resistance. Secondly - they come with a Million Mile Warranty that usually outlasts your vehicle, and lastly - their unique muffler design allows for a simple bolt-on installation and a perfect fit. The exhaust systems are available with a unique X-pipe, which is the crossover junction of pipes behind the catalytic converter. The result is improved low and mid-range torque, achieved by a reduction in excessive backpressure.

Stainless Steel Cat-Back Stainless Steel X-Pipes Stainless Steel Exhaust Headers
best-exhausts-7 best-exhausts-8 best-exhausts-9
The systems are made from the highest quality materials, featuring mandrel bent tubing for superior strength and durability. It will deliver a deep roar and great gains in horsepower and improved toque. These mandrel-bent pipes guarantee low restriction, maximum flow and maximum power. Their patented design will increases exhaust flow for MORE Power while giving you a great new exhaust tone. The headers are manufactured from quality T-304 stainless steel which has the highest chromium content for extreme durability and corrosion resistance. They feature thick, warp proof flanges for leak-proof sealing.
Special Powers:
- aggressive straight-through muffler
- absorbs sound waves & not power waves
- less sound reduction
Special Powers:
- austenitic T-304 Stainless Steel
- bolt-in replacement
- million mile warranty
- patented design
Special Powers:
- work with other upgrades
- not compatible with power steering
- increase volumetric efficiency of your engine
Style: Cat-Back Style: Mandrel-bent Style: Stainless Steel
Price: from $515.25
Free Shipping
Price: from $307.68
Free Shipping
Price: from $948.42
Free Shipping

4. Corsa Performance Exhaust

All Corsa exhaust systems have an attractive appearance and extreme endurance. The systems and all of their components like hangers and clamps are constructed from tough, automotive grade stainless steel. They are available with a stylish mirror-shine finish for a cool look. The system’s mufflers are free of any packed insulation materials which are likely to come loose or break down. They use baffles to cancel out annoying frequencies by crashing them into each other. What you get is a strong, throaty tone when you step on the gas which grows quiet when you stop at a red light. Corsa exhaust systems will increase your vehicle’s horsepower, torque and fuel economy. What more can you want?

Sport Series Xtreme Series Touring Series
best-exhausts-10 best-exhausts-11 best-exhausts-12
Available with twin tips, the system relies on the patented Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology for a unique mixture of a reserved, special performance sound on acceleration, and no-drone at touring speeds. The system is available with a dual rear exit and 2.5" tubing with 3.5" twin pro-series polished tips. It will deliver an unmatched powerful race-inspired and throaty rumble performance sound. The system is available with a dual rear exit and 3" tubing with single tips. The included performance straight-through muffler ensures unlimited gas flow for superior exhaust scavenging and additional torque and horsepower.
Special Powers:
- high grade performance muffler
- straight-through nonrestrictive design
- robust aggressive sound
Special Powers:
- improves gas flow by up to 35%
- up to 12 HP and 13 ft-lbs torque
- bolt-on installation
Special Powers:
- handcrafted polished tips
- perfect fit
- unparalleled, patented design
- sound control benefits
Style: Rear axle-back Style: Cat-back Style: Rear axle-back
Price: from $719.29
Free Shipping
Price: from $1,126.05
Free Shipping
Price: from $1,380.66
Free Shipping

5. Gibson Exhaust Systems

Gibson exhaust systems are an excellent choice if you're looking for a high grade product, but are on a tighter budget. These innovative exhaust systems are able to generate more horsepower and torque at the lower rpm range. They will give your ride improved performance and a distinct sound. The systems feature mandrel-bent aluminum or stainless steel tubing for superior exhaust flow and a perfect fit. The included SuperFlow mufflers have a straight-through design for a stronger sound and added power. Thanks to the high quality craftsmanship, Gibson exhaust systems are truly enduring and will serve you well for a long, long time.

Swept Side Split Rear Metal Mulisha
best-exhausts-13 best-exhausts-14 best-exhausts-15
With this system, you will get the highest horsepower and torque at 1800-3000 rpm. This is perfect if you use your vehicle for towing operations.The system improves fuel economy and produces a bold, throaty exhaust tone. This system features an attractive, dual exhaust appearance which will give you the highest low end power - perfect for towing. Available in 2 versions: one in aluminized steel and one in stainless steel. This system will produce a deep, bold exhaust tone with minimal interior resonance while improving your low and mid-range power. You will also enjoy improved acceleration. It includes a muffler with a baffled and chambered design.
Special Powers:
- 10-15 horsepower boost
- polished T304 SS clampless exhaust tips
- SFT design muffler
Special Powers:
- Superflow muffler
- 5% exhaust flow restriction
- CNC mandrel bending
Special Powers:
- deep, bold exhaust tone
- minimal interior resonance
- improved fuel economy
Style: Cat-Back Style: Cat-Back Style: Cat-Back
Price: from $445.21
Free Shipping
Price: from $541.69
Free Shipping
Price: from $750.65
Free Shipping

6. MBRP Exhaust Systems

For gas and diesel engines alike, MBRP exhaust systems are constructed with mandrel-bet tubing so you can be sure they will keep their shape and size. The systems guarantee superior quality and a perfect fit. They promise to crank-up your ride’s horsepower, torque, and fuel economy while reducing overall backpressure throughout the system. This will allow your engine to work harder while freely pushing exhaust gases out for more fresh air inside the cylinders. The best part is the included high-flow muffler – it will give you a distinct performance tone that will be impossible to forget.

XP Series Installer Series PLM Series
best-exhausts-16 best-exhausts-17 best-exhausts-18
The systems are manufactured from corrosion-resistant T409 stainless steel to withstand even the most extreme road conditions. To prove it, MBRP backs them with a Lifetime warranty. Thanks to lower bend degree angles and smooth mandrel bends gases will flow easily. The systems are manufactured from industry-standard aluminized steel for the highest quality and a perfect fit. Their construction mimics that of the Pro Series exhausts, but they are available at a fraction of the cost! Lower bend degree angles and smooth mandrel bends improve gas flow. The race systems are constructed with a special large-diameter 16-GA aluminized steel tubing. They are available without a muffler, which means that your engine's sound will truly be heard by everyone. They will deliver massive performance gains and a pure and glorious sound.
Special Powers:
- gains in torque and horsepower
- reduced overall backpressure
- mirror-polished look, coupled with polished mufflers
Special Powers:
- packaged with all required hardware
- sound you've always craved
- backed by a 3-year warranty
Special Powers:
- not legal for use on public roads
- lightweight aluminized steel
- no muffler
- backed by a 3-year warranty
Style: Turbo-back Style: Cat-back Style: Downpipe back
Price: from $316.62
Free Shipping
Price: from $219.79
Free Shipping
Price: from $390.57
Free Shipping

7. Banks Power Exhaust System

Banks Power exhaust systems will enhance your diesel engine's power and improve its mileage. These premium systems will deliver a high quality sound construction as well as perfect fitment. They are are ideal replacements for your smaller restrictive exhaust, and guarantee instant improvements on air flow and slashed backpressure. And let’s not leave out the refined exhaust tone that will turn heads without an over-the-top ear-splitting drone. The best part is the limited lifetime warranty – when you invest in one of these systems you can be sure they’ll last.

Monster PowerPack TorqueTube System
best-exhausts-19 best-exhausts-20 best-exhausts-21
This stainless steel system will improve your vehicle's power mileage. It's an ideal replacement for your small and restrictive exhaust and will provide instant improvements on air flow while slashing backpressure. They come packaged with all you need to complete the installation. The system relies on Banks' Techni-Cooler intercooler assembly to cool and condense the air inside your vehicle's engine in order to fortify performance and durability. The system will deliver gains of up to +120 HP, +256 lb-ft of torque, and up to 10% improvements in fuel economy. This exhaust manifold will deliver more power, and quicker acceleration! The system is made from high quality, extremely durable mandrel-bent 409 stainless steel tubing and features a thick precision ported and machined flange. Their self-aligning exhaust seal will never be compressed.
Special Powers:
- limited lifetime warranty
- high quality stainless steel
- includes performance muffler
Special Powers:
- strengthen acceleration and towing potential
- take up to 1000 feet off your 0-to-60 mph distance
Special Powers:
- includes 2 full exhaust manifold assembiles
- includes required hardware
- seal will never compress or blow out
Style: Cat-back Style: Cat-back Style: Exhaust Manifold
Price: from $361.17
Free Shipping
Price: from $1,792.21
Free Shipping
Price: from $563.15
Free Shipping

8. aFe Power Exhaust Systems

aFe exhaust systems’ unique design will exhaust flow for huge gains in horsepower and torque at lower exhaust gas temperatures. They will convey burnt away from the engine safely away and to the rear of your vehicle with reduced restriction for exceptional airflow and power. All pipes are mandrel bent to keep their shape and size. The precisely-engineered exhaust systems will complement your intake system to remove spent gasses 35% faster. This means more fresh air inside your engine’s cylinders. And let’s not forget - a great performance sound.

MACH Force XP ATLAS Series Takeda
best-exhausts-22 best-exhausts-23 best-exhausts-24
Systems are available with a high quality muffler and durable pipes from 409 stainless steel. Hangers are carefully welded on each side and feature swaged bayonet ends for a strong and secure attachment. Free-flow straight-through muffler sold separately. Systems are constructed with mandrel bent 4" aluminized steel tubinganf feature a 2-piece tailpipe design. Guarantee a perfect fit by thanks to adjustability at the tailpipe section. Free-flow straight-through design 12" muffler sold separately. This system is constructed from 2.5" mandrel bent stainless steel and is MIG-welded. Includes high flow muffler with 2.50" tubing for improved performance across the power band while maintaining a great tone. Dual double wall angle cut 304 stainless steel tips finish off the system.
Special Powers:
- polished or black powdercoated exhaust tips
- increased exhaust flow by up to 29%
- lower gas temperature by up to 100 degrees
Special Powers:
- "Race Only" product for competition only
- limited to closed-course and open-course racing
- mandrel-bent pipes
Special Powers:
- hassle free installation
- no modifications required
- produces additional 9 hp & 9 lbs. x ft. of torque
Style: Cat-back Style: Cat-back Style: Cat-back
Price: from $390.41
Free Shipping
Price: from $349.45
Free Shipping
Price: from $563.18
Free Shipping

9. RBP Exhaust Systems

If you’re looking for a performance exhaust for your off-road monster, you’re in luck. RBP exhaust systems offer off-road enthusiasts first grade quality at an affordable price. The systems will improve your truck’s horsepower, torque and fuel economy. All components are mandrel-bent to guarantee unrestricted gas flow and constant tube diameter. And installing one won’t void your factory warranty! RBP exhaust systems are designed in a way that does not interfere with any warranty-sensitive parts of the factory system.

Cat-Back DPF Back Turbo Back
best-exhausts-25 best-exhausts-26 best-exhausts-27
RBP Cat-Back Exhaust Systems are made of mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing. These systems come packaged with all parts of the exhaust system behind the catalytic converter, and are easy to install. RBP Diesel Exhaust Systems are made from stainless steel or heat treated steel with a black finish. They are optimized for lower exhaust gas temperature, increased fuel economy, higher horsepower and torque. RBP Turbo Back Exhaust Systems are made from stainless steel or heat treated steel with a black finish. They are optimized for lower exhaust gas temperature, increased fuel economy, higher horsepower and torque.
Special Powers:
- easy installation
-high quality stainless steel
- mandrel-bent tubing
- includes all required hardware
Special Powers:
- easy installation
- high quality stainless steel or heat-treated steel with a black finish
- lower gas temp
Special Powers:
- easy installation
- high quality stainless steel or heat-treated steel with a black finish
- lower gas temp
Style: Cat-Back Style: DPF Back Style: Turbo Back
Price: from $1,063.12
Free Shipping
Price: from $892.50
Free Shipping
Price: from $1,125.11
Free Shipping

10. Hooker Exhaust Systems

Hooker exhaust systems are truly are expertly engineered to lower your engine’s back pressure and improve its overall efficiency. They are manufactured with the highest quality T304 stainless steel, and feature mandrel-bent tubing that will always keep their shape and size. Your ride will benefit back-breaking gains in horsepower and torque. And the crowning jewel? An exhaust sound that will make it impossible for your ride to go anywhere unnoticed. So, if you're looking for a top quality exhaust system which will serve you well for many years, you can trust Hooker.

Header Back Cat-Back Manifold Back
best-exhausts-28 best-exhausts-29 best-exhausts-30
This enhanced exhaust system is available with a sturdy, full 304-grade steel construction. The stainless steel system comes packaged with TIG-welded high-flow absorption mufflers and OEM-quality hardware. Suitable to stock parking brake cables and Ridetech/Fatman Fabrications 4-link suspensions. This enhanced exhaust system is constructed from 16-gauge aluminized steel tubing. The durable tubing is mandrel bent. This leads to both superior volume and horsepower. You can mount it behind the converter as well as your current stock hangers. This system is available with a tough, big-diameter, 16-gauge steel tubing for better efficiency, less backpressure and an extended product life. The system's mandrel-bent tubes ensure the highest exhaust flow and will surely serve you well for many years.
Special Powers:
- 304-grade steel construction
- TIG-welded high-flow absorption muffler
- turndown-style exits
Special Powers:
- features exit at stock locations
- keeps a consistent inside pipe diameter
- easy installation
Special Powers:
- 16-gauge steel mandrel-bent tubing
- improved efficiency, lowered backpressure
- extended product life
Style: Header Back Style: Cat-Back Style: Manifold Back
Price: from $293.85
Free Shipping
Price: from $355.57
Free Shipping
Price: from $337.11
Free Shipping

Still can't decide which exhaust system you want?
Drop us a line in the comments below and we'll help you figure it out!

8 Responses to 10 Best Exhaust Systems

  1. Neil says:

    I have a 1976 trans Am with a 455ci.. The present exhaust is direct twin lines from both sides to the rear with thrust type mufflers, no cat converters. I need to replace the whole system. Any suggestions?

    • TDot Performance says:

      Hi Neil,

      So those 455 motors are Oldsmobile big blocks! is this a swap? or do you own a LSX or maybe a 454? In any case you need to scavenge flow during the exhaust cycle in order to make proper power gains. I recommend you take a look at Flowmaster header back systems as good options for your vehicle. Header backs will give you more power options if you mate them with long tube headers. There are also H-pipe assemblies on the Flowmaster kit allowing for better flow during the lower end of the powerband on the 454. Check out Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust (the sku is 817571)

      You can also consider the Holley Hooker setup but keep in mind this exhaust needs to be mated to a Hooker long tube header and it does not include a set of mufflers. If keeping the stock headers is a priority than opt for the Flowmaster System but if you are going for a power build than the Hooker is much more cost effective and gives you more freedom on sound and power gains. Check out Hooker Competition Exhaust System (the skus is 16541HKR).

      Hope this helps.

  2. Jean-Guy Champagne says:

    2000 Silverado built 6.0 litre with high torque cams, flowtech shorty headers, Holley mid rise intake and a procharger

    • TDot Performance says:

      Hey Jean-Guy,

      with the current modifications on your car you can look towards 8.1 injectors and an exhaust to balance out the mods since the LQ4 hangs around the mid to high RPM’s. And if you’ve already done that then it might be time for performance ignition coils.

  3. Mitchell says:

    I have a 2014 NA lancer GT , I just purchased a ralliart rear bumper. I’m looking for a deep sound , and a dual exhaust.

    • TDot Performance says:

      Hi Mitchell,

      Wether you have a 2.0L or 2.4L changes everything.

      The 2.0L shares the same 4B11 motor as the ralliart (4B11T engine) so quite often you see owners modify the exhaust to house the ralliart lancer exhaust or even the Evo X. Note for this 2.0L GT, ES model modifications need to be added to the OE ralliart exhaust to fit a non-turbo model. But this way you will have dual exhausts with OE correct rear muffler exit.

      The 2.4L actually has great performance exhaust systems (like Greddy for example) but all are single rear exit pipes. This means any applications with dual exit pipes need to be custom fabricated. You’ll need to speak to a good exhaust shop and a good welder. The reason duals aren’t offered for the Lancers 2.4 non-turbo is for the simple fact that they cannot outperform the single exit exhaust. Owners looking for the looks of dual exhausts often have to custom make their exhaust as most aftermarket manufacturers will not produce them.

      For the muffler itself and sound I would advise speaking with an exhaust shop since location will restrict what can be used with your exhaust line. Something like a 4×9 oval (horizontally mounted) with 2.5″ pipe diameter inlet and outlet should do. You will want a muffler with a single core and little acoustic suppression material (that steel wool material inside mufflers that absorbs sound).

  4. Mitch says:

    I have a stock 91 Camaro Z-28 with the 5.0 litre engine. It has developed an exhaust leak in the muffler and connector pipe from the cat. back that I’ve done a muffler putty repair to. What cat. back exhaust system do you recommend for that model /year since I would really like to maintain the appearance of the stock exhaust system (ie. no large pipes protruding out from under the rear bumper)but get the power and sound improvements of today’s systems?

    • TDot Performance says:

      Hi Mitch,
      It sounds like you are looking to keep it stock. In that case you can’t go wrong with Bossal and Walker Exhaust pipes. These may not be mandrel bent pipes but are reliable stock pipes and have great warranty coverage.

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