10 Best Performance Brake Pads

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A good set of brakes is your vehicle’s single most important safety feature. And if you’ve already modded your ride with performance accessories which boost your horsepower and handling, you should also invest in reliable stopping power.

Your factory brake pads work well on a stock build. But when you mix in any performance mods, your stock braking system will no longer be able to handle the heat.

You should never take chances with your brakes. And we want to leave you in good hands, which is why we created this quick guide on the industry’s best performance brake pads.

pads-1 1. EBC Greenstuff 2000 Series Brake Pads
These brake pads are formulated for lighter vehicles with real world driving speeds. They are constructed for a longer life product instead of over-the-top monstrous grip. This is the result of the patented low metallic aramid compound in their construction. DuPon Kevlar and Twaron composites actually reduce the amount of steel wool needed, resulting in much less abrasive wear on your brake rotors! The pads’ design guarantees a perfect fit and consistent wear. You can also say good-bye to any annoying squeaks, squeals and rattles. The pads crank out 30% less dust compared to your OEM pads which means your rims will continue to shine.
pads-2 2. EBC Red Stuff Brake Pads
Red Stuff ceramic brake pads are perfect for your muscle car, sports car, or heavier vehicle. Their design can withstand the scouring heat produced by super heavy loads without generating higher levels of dust residue. The pads will give you a quieter and more enjoyable ride. The ceramic particles in their construction resonate at a higher frequency which is not detectable by our senses. And when the initial bed-in period is completed, you'll likely never hear from the rotors again. It's no problem to install the pads without changing your older brake rotors. Their pre-chamfered edges will deliver improved braking even against worn rotors.
pads-3 3. Hawk HPS Brake Pads
Hawk HPS brake pads are formulated for an aggressive street driving style with repetitive and heavy braking. The Street Brake Pads are manufactured from Ferro-Carbon, a material developed for racetrack applications. Their formulation is blended to deliver a more progressive feel for the street. HPS pads offer 20% - 40% more braking power without resulting in higher wear on rotors the way racetrack formulated pads do. The pads are engineered with the same tolerances as your vehicle's factory components to guarantee a perfect fit and effective operation.
pads-4 4. Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads
Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads are made from a ceramic compound instead of the conventional metallic compounds used in factory components. The advantages of ceramic brakes allow them to be custom tuned for enhancing hard racetrack braking, highway driving, or for consistently longer wear. The pads are also engineered to deliver easier and more refined braking on high performance production vehicles that are not driven on the racetrack. The pads will give you smoother braking at higher speeds and temperatures. And all of this is possible without the generation of additional noise, vibration, or dust.
pads-5 5. EBC Yellow Stuff Brake Pads
The pads are made from an innovative aramid fiber which gives them additional grip around your brake rotors. The brake pads don't need to be warmed up to be 100% effective. This means they are just as reliable on their first trip down the icy trail as they are when you speed down the highway on a blazing summer day. This special ability is attributed to their superior grip. The pads feature anti-lock blades which help your ABS system reach an even higher efficiency. The pads are perfect for your pickup, SUV, stretch limo, or vehicle with large off-road tires and greater towing needs.
pads-6 6. Centric Parts Posi Quiet Ceramic Brake Pads
Posi Quiet Ceramic brake pads will delivery low dust performance coupled with maximum product longevity. The secret behind this pad is in the rigorous testing each one undergoes during the manufacturing process. Every single brake pad is 100% OEM formulated, using only OEM processes while exceeding even the highest OEM braking performance standards. They will improve your stopping power while keeping dust at a minimum, and guaranteeing quiet braking. The pads feature mechanically attached, application specific shims for improved noise abatement compared to lesser adhesive or drift-lock style shims.
pads-7 7. Hawk LTS Brake Pads
The LTS brake pads are engineered for the special needs of heavier trucks and sport utilities that may also venture off the road. They are manufactured from a Ferro-Carbon compound which was originally developed for racetrack applications. The pads are modified for a more advanced feel when huge off-road tires or towing needs put aggressive weight demands on your vehicle's braking systems. The pads are engineered to the same tolerances as your vehicle's factory components to guarantee a perfect fit and effective operation. At the same they bring a longer pad life, lower noise levels, and reduced brake dust.
pads-8 8. EBC Greenstuff 7000 Series Brake Pads
It takes a lot of force to stop your massive truck or SUV. And when you factor in a trailer or boat being towed behind it, you realize you need to replace your OEM brake pads. EBC Greenstuff 7000 Series Brake Pads are what you need for the task. They are constructed from a unique organic aramid compound with a blend of Kevlar and Twaron composites. The materials work together to form a super hard surface which will resist damage from dirt, rocks, and sand… even under the most extreme driving conditions. The pads have the longest wear life and lowest dust-producing levels in EBC’s Greenstuff Series.
pads-9 9. StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads
StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads are made from special para-aramid composites to deliver a consistent linear response despite of the temperature! The pads are 100% positive molded for uniform friction material density, while their low dust formulation is 100% rotor friendly and leaves your wheels cleaner. They feature factory-style shims to keep annoying squeaks and squeals to a minimum. The pads’ surface is scorched to raise initial cold effectiveness and ease bed-in. This means they will break-in faster!
pads-10 10. Hawk SD Severe Duty Brake Pads
Your commercial fleet vehicle or heavy-duty pickup puts your brakes under the most severe conditions. When you're transporting heavy cargo or large groups of people constantly, you need to be sure that your brake pads will deliver the required stopping power. Hawk's SD Severe Duty Brake Pads meet even the most demanding needs of heavy-duty vehicles. They are engineered from a specially formulated Ferro-carbon metallic compound, originally developed for the racetrack. The pads are designed for heavier vehicles and trucks which haul extreme loads. They are protected from heat buildup under non-stop use, which would otherwise result in brake fade.

Can't figure out which performance brake pads are best for you?
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  1. Henry says:

    I have a 2011 4Runner, Trail Edition. And often pull a utility trailer.
    what would be the best combination of brake pads and rotors–as I intend to replace pads and rotors, front and rear?

    • TDot Performance says:

      Hi Henry,
      The EBC Greenstuff pads are especially formulated for towing applications. They are aramid-ceramic and or aramid-metallic pads that can handle higher heat and will not glaze over under heavy towing applications. The EBC Greenstuff 6000 & 7000 would be recommended for heavier towing (+12000 lbs towing) as they are reinforced pads and will have even lower brake fade.

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