Andy’s 2013 Mustang GT

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Andy Cowden of Cold Lake, Alberta, loves owning a car that is different from all the rest. His 2013 Mustang GT is his latest project for custom modification. Andy especially loves the pure adrenaline from his car’s power and performance.

Andy, how did you become a gearhead?

My motivation to start working on my ride was to have something different from other cars. I previously had a 2007 Mustang that had some small mods, but I realized it was more economical and practical to switch to a newer Mustang. The 2013 Mustang GT came with some mods partially done and I finished and perfected those, and now I’m adding more parts to make it unique.

Tell us more about your Mustang - what’s going on under the hood?

My Mustang has 624 hp with a Paxton Supercharger with Injector Dynamics ID1000 injectors and VMP Boost-a-Pump for better performance.

Some other features I’ve added are:

  • Eibach Mustang Sportline Lowering Kit
  • BMR Lower Control Arms
  • Barton Hybrid 3 Short Throw Shifter
  • RST McLeod Clutch
  • GT500 upper and lower grille
  • MRT Window Louvers
  • MagnaFlow Exhaust
  • JLT Cold Air Intake

What are your favourite upgrades? What are you planning on upgrading next?

I ordered the MagnaFlow Exhaust from TDot Performance for my Mustang and am really pleased with it and the fast, free shipping.

Next, I’m planning on adding long tube headers c/w with an off-road pipe, a one-piece driveshaft, and upgraded GT500 rear brakes.

We love seeing your passion for your ride! Thanks for telling us about it!

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3 Responses to Andy’s 2013 Mustang GT

  1. Randy says:

    Your Mustang is a real beauty, how did the suspension mods work out and would you recommend? Was it quite a noticeable change in handling. Nice to see such a tasteful modded car with the emphasis on the performance aspect of the car.

    • Ishani DePillo says:

      Hi Randy, thanks for the comment! We’ll reach out to the owner to see what they have to say 🙂

    • Ishani DePillo says:

      Hi Randy, here’s the reply from Andy.

      Hi there, thanks! The eibach sportline lowering springs, adjustable panhard bar, and rear lower control arms combined made a huge difference for traction, which can be hard to get in this car (running 315 uhp street tires). With the three of them combined I found it was a big improvement to keep the rear end planted for better launches, as well as very predictable when it does break loose. When it was stock it would go sideways any time I lost traction, and now when it breaks loose, the car keeps straight. Another thing to note is an increase in predictability and traction coming in / out of corners. I would recommend all three if your making big power and want increased predictability all around. Good luck with your build!

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