Ryan’s Subaru WRX

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Ryan Khan from Toronto gives us a sneak peek into his award-winning 2004 Subaru WRX with a V-7 STI conversion. Ryan’s beauty has been transformed to go from street to track, with multiple titles to show for it. His Subaru has won numerous first and second place prizes at the Canadian Sport and Compact Series (CSCS) Show & Shine competition, as well as first place for Best Subaru at the Wheels On The Danforth show. 

Ryan, how did you become a gearhead?

I started with a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. I learned a lot just taking that car apart and putting it back together and fell in love with the all-wheel-drive aspect. 

My car is an extension of me. I built it to how I want it and I didn't let anyone else Influence my build. Growing up I always wanted to get into Time Attack racing, so I decided to build my car around that dream.

As for the exterior of my Subaru, I chose to go with a custom BMW steel gray paint color, JDM STI rear and front bumpers, a polyurethane front lip, and a Sebion fiberglass hood with a reverse hood scoop.

Tell us more about your WRX  - what’s going on under the hood?

The engine is a EJ207 JDM swap—a V-7 that is currently pro-tuned, getting 400 hp and 380 ft. lbs. of torque with no methanol, and 449 hp and 390 ft. lbs. of torque with a 60/40 mix. With a few more tweaks, I'll be close to my goal of 500 hp.  

Other additions include:

  • Short Block: Manley extreme duty 2.2 Stroker pistons, Manley H Tuff rods, Darton sleeves, ACL race bearings, etc.
  • Heads: GSC Super Alloy Exhaust valves, Beehive titanium springs; titanium retainers, etc. 
  • Exhaust: Invidia big tube race headers, Forced Performance Green Series stock location turbo, etc. 
  • Cooling: CSF Aluminum Radwith oil cooler; Aquamist meth injection system; etc. 
  • Fuel: 1000cc injectors; Walbro 450 pump, parallel fuel line setup
  • Brakes: full STI Brembo conversion, stainless steel brake lines, etc.

What are your favourite upgrades? What are you planning on upgrading next?

I don't have a favourite upgrade. Each upgrade was for a reason—either to make it handle better or to make it faster and more efficient on the track. 

I’m looking to invest in better coilovers to improve handling on the track. I’m also considering an even bigger brake kit and two-piece rotors to lighten up the car and for heat distribution.

We love hearing about your power-boost upgrades—what a ride! Thanks for sharing!

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