AJ’s Nickey Camaro

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In 2015, AJ Johanson’s Camaro won best in show at the Portland Rose Festival car show. The Nickey edition Camaro turns heads wherever AJ goes because of its stunning exterior and roaring power.

AJ, how did you become a gearhead?

I live in Victoria, the beautiful capital of British Columbia. In June 2018, I bought my 2010 Camaro RS/SS with the Nickey upgrade at Mecum Auctions in Portland, Oregon. I love the power of my Camaro—it’s unbelievable! Sometimes I just let it run in my driveway so I can enjoy the sound!

Tell us more about your Camaro RS/SS - what’s going on under the hood?

The power really is unbelievable, the LS3 engine boosts 600 hp. The American Racing Headers give the car a very unique sound that turns almost every head when I’m driving down the street.

What are your favourite upgrades? What are you planning on upgrading next?

I purchased the 3” rectangle exhaust tips from TDot Performance, and as you can see it looks much better than stock. I am currently upgrading the car, in hopes of getting it into the official “Nickey” registry with its own serial number. This includes installing a “FAST” intake manifold that will boost the horsepower to 650.

We love seeing your passion for your ride! Thanks for telling us about it!

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