2017 Ford F-450 Super Duty Tows 32,500 Lbs.

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Ford has just released some truly impressive numbers on its all-new 2017 F-450 Super Duty. The pickup's specs claim the model will bump up its towing capacity with 1,300 lbs. to a towing maximum (with a gooseneck trailer) of 32,500 pounds. And the big credit here goes, for one, to Ford's lightweight all-aluminium body which will cut down its total weight by 350 lbs. while also adding strength and resilience. The impressive towing capacity is also helped by the model's upgraded fully boxed frame which is 95% steel for almost 25 times more stiffness compared to the previous model.

This huge towing improvement takes the 2017 F-450 to the coveted best-in-class place, claims Ford. And the numbers are good all around. The F-450's fifth-wheel towing is (best-in-class) 27,500 lbs. Its conventional towing is (best-in-class) 21,000 lbs. Its max payload capacity is (best-in-class) 7,630 lbs. And things look just as good with Ford's lesser Super Duty models, the F-250 and F-350, with a (best-in-class) towing capacity of 18,000 lbs.

According to Ford, fifth-wheel towing for the F-450 is best-in-class at 27,500 pounds, while conventional towing is also class-leading at 21,000 pounds. The truck is now rated to have a maximum payload capacity of 7,630 pounds, which Ford claims is best-in-class. Figures for the lesser Super Duty models – the F-250 and F-350 – have also risen, with both being able to tow up to 18,000 pounds, another class-leading claim by Ford.

How does the competition compare? Let's take look at the 2016 Ram 3500 model. It's towing maximum is rated t 31,210 lbs. The Class 3 pickup can tow almost as much as the Class 4 F-450. Yes, it's very close.

But Ford's 2017 Super Duty lineup is getting much more than a lighter and stronger body. The models are equipped with a better performing engine - 6.7L turbodiesel Power Stroke V8 will give you 440 hp with 925 lbs-ft of torque. The alternative 6.2L gas V8 also shows off modest improvements: while its output is unchanged at 385 hp, its torque is bumped from 405 to 430 lbs-ft.

There's no pricing information available at this point for Ford's "best-in-class" Super Duties, but if Ford has you sold, you won't have to wait long!

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