How to Choose the Best Husky Liner Floor Mat

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It’s hard to keep your carpets clean from regular grocery spills and coffee stains, let alone damage caused by pets, transporting heavy equipment, or bulky camping gear.

If you’re looking to protect your vehicle’s floors and cargo area, Husky Liners’ wide product line definitely has something for you. And with their lifetime warranty, the only thing you’ll have to worry about it choosing the product that will best fit your lifestyle.

Husky Liners mats and liners are made tough to withstand harsh abuse. Their unique FormFit Design process guarantees the product you order will fit your vehicle perfectly. And they’re easy to clean. Sounds perfect, right?

Yup – now read on to find the best Husky product for your vehicle.

husky-best-1-new Husky X-Act Contour Floor Liners
The X-axt Countour floor liners have a unique soft, yet very durable texture for the best comfort. This premium liner will keep your vehicle's original factory style while keeping your carpets spotless. The newest in Husky's product lines, the X-act Contour has an improved pattern with much deeper channels and higher lips to drain away spills and keep them locked in. The special slip-resistant backing will dig into your floor to ensure the liner never slips and inch. They are made from a unique Polyurathene material repels dirt, is easy to clean, and will withstand even the harshest weather conditions!
Special Powers
- soft & comfortable texture
- newest Husky product
- improved channel pattern
Premium style and protection for all terrains and weather conditions.
Price: from $92.95
Free Shipping
husky-best-2 Husky WeatherBeater Floor Liners
The WeatherBeater offers the toughest protection against water, snow, salt, sand, mud and chemical spills! Its rugged and sporty style features Husky's channel patterns and high lips that will drain away liquids and keep them locked in place until you decide it's time to clean up. The driver's side floor liner has a specially raised heel pad for the accelerator, as well as a raised area for the comfortable rest of the driver's left foot. The WeatherBeater will fit your vehicle perfectly. Their patented polyurethane material will never crack or warp, remaining flexible in the cold and and odor-free in the heat.
Special Powers
- rugged & sporty
- withstands any weather & climate
- raised heel pad for accelerator
Sporty and rugged protection for the toughest and roughest conditions.
Price: from $82.54
Free Shipping
husky-best-3 Husky Heavy Duty Floor Liners
The Heavy Duty mats are exactly what the name suggests. You can truly abuse them, and they'll take it. Their innovative DuraGrip material will deliver the perfect balance between comfort and strength. And the mats include all other Husky features - they will lock in place to eliminate any shifting and include a raised driver heel pad for additional protection from your lead foot. These extra-strength liners are designed for your heavy duty applications, and are perfect for off-road driving or heavy mud-related work. The Heavy Duty will protect your floors from rain, snow, sand, dust and anything else you happen to drag in.
Special Powers
- DuraGrip material
- Balance between comfort and strength
- Designed for heavy abuse
Designed for heavy duty or work applications and off-road driving.
Price: from $78.86
Free Shipping
husky-best-4 Husky Classic Style Floor Liners
The Classic Style liners are the original Husky product. They feature a timeless rugged diamond plate look, offering protection for vehicles dating all the way back to the 1970s. They will protect your ride's carpets while giving its interior a classic style. These liners guarantee the perfect fit. And with the help of Husky's StayPut Cleats, the liners will stay in lock down once you install them. The durable material will repel dirt and contaminants, keeping them away from your feet and clothes until you decide it's time to clean up.
Special Powers
- Classic & rugged diamond plate pattern
- Timeless design dating back to the 1970s
- The original Husky Liner
The original design will give your vehicle a classic, timeless style.
Price: from $88.54
Free Shipping

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