Top Upgrades for Dodge Ram 1500

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The Dodge Ram 1500 is one of the most popular trucks out there, and you probably want yours to stand out from the rest!

If you want to upgrade your pickup’s performance and customize its appearance, you’re on the right page. We put together this quick guide to show you the best aftermarket products and accessories for your 1500.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are a must-have accessory for your pickup truck.

If you don’t already have one, you’re not making full use of your truck bed. Tonneaus will not only secure your valuable cargo and equipment, it will improve your fuel economy and overall style.

BAKFlip G2 UnderCover Flex Access TonnoSport Roll Up
dodge-ram-1500-1 dodge-ram-1500-2 dodge-ram-1500-3
Super easy to open when you need one-panel access or complete access to your Ram 1500's truck bed. It's easily folds out and locks securely to keep all of your cargo safe and out of sight. Constructed from a 1/2" thick EPS core placed between two aluminum panels. Teh next gen of folding tonneaus - constructed from the best materials available to handle both the elements and any tough task you throw at it. The cover is reinforced with Fiber-glass and FRP composite panels for a sleek profile. Folds in stages for easy bed access. “Affordable” meets “Reliable” - with a sleek and almost flush fitting profile, while lightening the stresses on your vehicle for improved fuel efficiency. Specifically designed for your Ram 1500, and rolls in stages for functionality and access to your bed.
Special Powers:
- will not warp or deform
- safely supports up to 300 lbs.
- no-drill installation
Special Powers:
- locks directly into truck
- self-draining water tubes
- no-drill installation
Special Powers:
- UV resistant
- Ultra Tight protective seal
- easy to maintain and keep clean
Price: from $998.84
Free Shipping
Price: from $1,108.35
Free Shipping
Price: from $378.67
Free Shipping

Nerf Bars & Running Boards

Installing reliable nerf bars or running boards on your Dodge Ram 1500 will make it that more enjoyable for you and your passengers to get in and out of your truck.

And they will look great on your truck. High quality custom-crafted bars and boards will emphasize your Ram’s style. And ease-of-use is one of the main reasons for owning a truck, right?

N-Fab Wheel to Wheel Nerf Step AMP Research Bedstep Dee Zee 3" Round Ultrablack Nerf Bar
dodge-ram-1500-4 dodge-ram-1500-5 dodge-ram-1500-6
Featuring a main bar which stretches the entire span of your Ram - wheel to wheel - to protect your truck from road debris. These awesome nerf steps are available with an inflexible, complete bolt-on design. The bar is situated high and is compact for a superior fit and a fresh look. Rock-solid bumper steps with rugged die-cast aluminum alloy linkage assembly and black-anodized and Teflon powder-coated for corrosion resistance. Stainless-steel hinge points and press-fit bushings for durability. Ridged, non-slip steps from strong glass-reinforced resin. The steps span your Dodge at both ends and curve to make a great stepping edge for a bigger distance between the vehicle and the bars for safe footing and greater comfort. Black center pad made from durable urethane to guarantee a great textured surface for added grip!
Special Powers:
- 2 steps per side
- durable 1-piece steel construction
- patented drop step design
Special Powers:
- black-anodized & Teflon powdercoat
- Stainless-steel hinges
- Ridged, non-slip step
Special Powers:
- powder coated steel brackets
- easy to install with no drilling
- baked by a lifetime warranty
Price: from $518.45
Free Shipping
Price: from $313.92
Free Shipping
Price: from $201.34
Free Shipping

Air Intakes

Your Ram 1500’s factory air intake is more restrictive than you want it to be.

And the best way to enhance its performance is by installing a performance air intake. It will send massive amounts of fresh, cold oxygen directly to your engine. The end result will be a boost in your 1500’s horsepower, torque, and drivability.

K&N 63 Series Aircharger aFe MagnumFORCE Stage-2 Airaid MXP Series Cold Air Dam
dodge-ram-1500-7 dodge-ram-1500-8 dodge-ram-1500-9
Available with an aerodynamically engineered tube drives a massive amount of air into your engine. It comes with a large conical shaped K&N air filter providing more airflow and lowered restrictions. The filter is washable and reusable, and is covered by a limited million mile warranty. Exceptional gains in horsepower and torque with improved fuel economy. Will give your Ram 1500 an excellent under-the-hood upgrade with these high-flow air intake kits and supply your engine with a steady stream of fresh air with an improvement of up to 117%. Designed from a 1-piece roto-molded air box that fixes all the shortcomings of the Ram 1500's restrictive factory intake system. Enables the air filter to channel large quantities of cool, dense air to the engine for more horsepower, torque, and improved performance.
Special Powers:
- aerodynamically engineered tube
- conical shaped K&N air filter
- limited million mile warranty
Special Powers:
- improved fuel economy
- high-flow air intake
- improvement of up to 117%
Special Powers:
- 1-piece roto-molded air box
- performance air filter
- enhanced horsepower & torque
Price: from $258.07
Free Shipping
Price: from $220.94
Free Shipping
Price: from $328.31
Free Shipping

Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

Your Dodge’s factory exhaust system is just as restrictive to performance as the air intake. It limits your engine’s power, and takes away from the experience of driving a truly powerful truck.

If you want to enjoy extreme performance and a great sound, consider installing a performance exhaust system.

And if you take your Ram off the road, think about an off-road exhaust system – it will accommodate any changes you might need to make to its suspension and travel.

MBRP XP Series Borla Stainless Steel Cat-Back Flowmaster American Thunder
dodge-ram-1500-10 dodge-ram-1500-11 dodge-ram-1500-12
Manufactured from corrosion-resistant T409 stainless steel, this system will withstand even the most extreme road conditions. With lower bend degree angles and smooth mandrel bends, the systems allow gases to flow easily which in turn reduces gas temps for improved performance. Featuring a patented straight-through multi-core muffler design, this acoustically-tuned series is one of the most innovative on the market today! The muffler reduces restriction and increases exhaust gas velocity so each cylinder is completely evacuated for the incoming charge. Will deliver a truly classic sound to your classic American performance engine, allowing you to choose between a Mild-Moderate Sound, a Moderate Sound, an Aggressive Sound, a Moderate-Aggressive Sound, or Mild Sound. They will deliver aggressive power gains and increasing your Ram 1500's torque.
Special Powers:
- Lifetime Warranty
- mirror-polished look
- corrosion-resistant T409 st. steel
Special Powers:
- Million Mile Warranty
- unique muffler design
- improved low & mid-range torque
Special Powers:
- true symbol of American power
- comes pre-tuned
- Delta & Laminar Flow tech
Price: from $316.62
Free Shipping
Price: from $515.25
Free Shipping
Price: from $328.06
Free Shipping

Fender Flares

Fitting your Ram with aftermarket fender flares will not only emphasize your truck’s style – it will improve your tire coverage for additional protection against road debris, mud and water.

This means your truck’s body will be safe from annoying dents and dings that can will grow into a bigger, costlier issue to fix as time goes by.

Bushwacker Pocket Style EGR Rugged Look Smittybilt M-1
dodge-ram-1500-13 dodge-ram-1500-14 dodge-ram-1500-15
The fenders flares provide complete protection for your vehicle against mud, gravel, road debris or any other obstacles you need to overcome on or off the road. The fender flares will deliver the needed extra clearance for massive off-road tires while giving your vehicle superior styling. Super solid yet more flexible - the fenders stray debris and road grime for excellent protection. They have a wider size and and feature durable stainless steel bolts. The Rugged Fender Flares are made from sturdy ABS plastic with a solid, UV-nresistant layer to provide resistace to fading. The fender flares will deliver an average of 1.5" of additional tire coverage for yourtruck. They offer an aggressive appearance, finished with uncovered stainless steel rivets. This means your truck will get an immediate off-road ready appearance, and unparalleled protection from road debris.
Special Powers:
- Dura-Flex 2000 material
- matte black finish
- Limited Lifetime Warranty
Special Powers:
- solid yet flexible
- sturdy ABS plastic
- UV-nresistant layer
Special Powers:
- OEM quality ABS plastic
- no-drill installation
- rubber gasket for tight fit
Price: from $258.88
Free Shipping
Price: from $276.89
Free Shipping
Price: from $573.60
Free Shipping

Suspension System

An improved suspension system is critical if you’re planning on driving your Dodge Ram 1500 off the highway.

Upgrading your suspension will give your pickup a great stance. So if you’re planning on hauling, towing, and off-roading, you don’t want to pass on improved handling and true driving pleasure.

Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Absorbers Rancho RS9000 XL Series Shocks Air Lift 1000 Air Springs
dodge-ram-1500-16 dodge-ram-1500-17 dodge-ram-1500-18
Available with a durable monotube design, they feature a unique gas-pressure construction and a durable multi-layer zinc finish. The shock absorbers are just what you need for correcting the tuning and length of your vehicle's lift for truly enhanced handling and superior performance. The most universal shocks available, featuring a unique 9-level compression system to allow you to control the softness or hardness of your Ram 1500's ride quality through manual dampening. Change of up to 400% in vehicle control and response from settings 1 to 9. Special tri-tube design. Get a smoother, comfortable ride, coupled with great support for the back of your Dodge. Mount inside your front or rear coil springs to give you support for towing. Can handle up to 1000 lbs. of leveling capacity and come packaged with all the necessary parts to complete the installation.
Special Powers:
- individually engineered
- bolt-on installation
- limited lifetime warranty
Special Powers:
- tri-tube design
- double-welded loops
- red urethane bushings
Special Powers:
- mount inside coil springs
- handle up to 1000 lbs.
- limited lifetime warranty
Price: from $115.79
Free Shipping
Price: from $142.19
Free Shipping
Price: from $77.51
Free Shipping

Floor Mats & Liners

Your factory carpets and flooring are among the first to show wear and tear. And when it’s so easy to protect them, why risk hurting your truck’s resale value?

A set of high quality custom-cut floor liners are durable and stylish. They will protect your Ram’s interior from water, mud, dirt, coffee, and even chemicals! Some messes are impossible to clean up, which is why thinking ahead is the best strategy.

Keep your interior looking fresh. You won’t regret this small investment.

Husky WeatherBeater Floor Liners WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liner Lund Catch-All Xtreme All-Weather Mats
dodge-ram-1500-19 dodge-ram-1500-20 dodge-ram-1500-21
The liners will fit perfectly while giving your vehicle's floor complete protection from water, snow, salt, sand, mud and chemical spills! They are made from a patented thermoplastic material and feature high lips which keep liquids and dirt locked in until you decide it's time to clean up. The liners are designed using digital laser measurements of interior surfaces to guarantee perfect protection and comfort as every corner of your floor is covered. Made from High-Density Tri-Extruded material with sculpted channels totrap water, mud and sand and keep it all away from your feet. Made from durable Cynet thermoplastic which resists water, chemicals, heat and stains! Featuring a reinforced, raised perimeter to guarantee a large containment volume and complete coverage. The mats' anchors keep them secured. Integrated grommets mate to your Ram 1500's factory floor posts.
Special Powers:
- special channel patterns
- perfect for any weather
- special ridges scrape dirt
Special Powers:
- flexible & water-resistant
- variety of colors
- 3-year warranty
Special Powers:
- durable Cynet thermoplastic
- reinforced, raised perimeter
- limited lifetime warranty
Price: from $82.54
Free Shipping
Price: from $71.95
Free Shipping
Price: from $89.44
Free Shipping

Grille Guards

A high quality grille guard will go a long way to protecting your truck’s front end. And it will give your Ram 1500 a unique style that will help it stand out from the pack.

You have limitless options here, and your choice depends on the level of coverage you’re looking for, and the style you’re into. You can go for classic, rugged, aggressive, polished, and more!

Go Rhino 3000 Series StepGuards Westin Ultimate Bull Bar Dee Zee Ultrablack Bull Bar
dodge-ram-1500-22 dodge-ram-1500-23 dodge-ram-1500-24
This is the only Euro Style grille and brush guard which includes a patented step. The guard is well protected from corrosion, as it has no weak places for rust to appear. The Grille Guard is available with rubber-clad uprights for pushing and pre-drilled holes for auxiliary driving lights or fog lights. Will truly bring out your Ram's "off-road" personality. Made from quality chrome plated stainless steel or durable black powder coated mild steel. This grille is available with a polished stainless steel skid plate which will deliver additional protection for your vehicle's undercarriage. Protects your Ram's front-end from minor impacts caused on the road. Delivers an aggressive appearance. Constructed from 3" mandrel-bent SS tubing for superior strength and durability. They are available in a black powder-coat finish and are pre-drilled to allow you to add auxiliary lights.
Special Powers:
- patented no-slip step
- uses factory mounting points
- Euro Style grille
Special Powers:
- classic off-road style
- laser-cut Westin signature logo
- accommodates auxiliary lights
Special Powers:
- mandrel-bent tubing
- option for auxiliary lighting
- 3-year warranty
Price: from $443.21
Free Shipping
Price: from $432.15
Free Shipping
Price: from $245.08
Free Shipping

Want to show off or talk about your Dodge Ram 1500 with us? Drop us a comment or photo in the comments below!

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