How to Buy the Best All-Weather Floor Mat

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You’re reading this because you’re considering buying a good pair of all-weather or rubber floor mat. Yes - they’ll protect your carpets and add a custom, rugged style to your cab.

But are they worth all the hype?

And we’re here to help you find the best one for your vehicle and specific needs.

Why Upgrade Your Factory Floor Mats?


By now, you’ve figured out that your factory floor mats are… frail (to say the least). The truth is manufacturers and dealerships will try to save money whenever possible. And your floor mats are a great opportunity to do so.

On the other hand, all-weather and rubber floor mats are durable, high quality products that will properly protect your vehicle.

Here’s how:

- They will lock in all liquids. This means that the rain, mud, crud, snow, and ice that you drag in with your shoes and clothes will get trapped in. Some mats can hold up to 8 cups of liquid!

- They are made from molded plastic or rubber. And that makes them super easy to clean and maintain. All you’ll ever have to do is to hose them down with some water.

- They are super durable and rugged, which means they’ll last much longer than your factory mats. So you’re getting real bang for your buck.


- The added protection will keep your factory carpet cleaner. And the result is a higher resale value for your vehicle.

Now that you’re convinced you need a high quality all-weather mat, you need to figure out which ones is best for your vehicle. Your choice is between a rubber mat and molded liner in a one-piece or two-piece design, with a custom, semi-custom or universal fit.

But with so many brands and styles to choose from, where do you even start?

TYPE: Molded vs. Rubber

There are three major differences between the two:

1. Molded liners have an outer perimeter lip that’s raised around 1 to 1.5 inches or higher. On the other hand, the perimeter lip on rubber mats is not raised as high.

2. Molded liners are manufactured from a tough thermoplastic material that’s somewhat flexible but not soft. On the other hand, rubber mats are made from, you guessed it – rubber, which is a much softer and more flexible material.

3. Molded liners have a smoother surface with few to none traction grooves. On the other hand, rubber mats (which have a lower perimeter lip) feature many deeper grooves to trap liquids. But that makes them harder to clean.

FIT: Custom vs. Semi-Custom vs. Universal

After you figure out the type of mat you want, it’s time to figure out how you want it to fit. You can choose from a vehicle-specific custom fit, a semi-custom fit, or a universal fit.

Custom Fit

A custom mat is manufactured specifically for your vehicle’s make and model. It will contour your floorboard perfectly, which will look awesome! And it will provide maximum carpet coverage and protection.

Obviously, this custom mat will come with a higher price tag.

Semi-Custom Fit

A semi-custom mat will contour your vehicle’s floorboard pretty well. You’ll have less carpet coverage and protection when compared to a custom mat, but you’ll also be paying less. And you can transfer this mat from one vehicle to another – if the models are similar.

Universal Fit

This is the type of mat you’ll find at a gas station. It’s available in a single size to fit all vehicles. The obvious downsides are that the coverage and protection won’t be great. In most cases, it won’t have a raised lip at all. And often the materials it’s made form are sub-par.

Why are you upgrading your factory mat, again?

DESIGN: One-Piece vs. Two-Piece

In most cases, you’ll also have the choice between a one-piece or two-piece mat design. But really, this will depend on your vehicle and the brand.

Two-piece mats are the traditional choice. You get two separate mats for the space below each seat. They offer less coverage, but are easier to clean.

One-piece mats, just like the name implies, are a single piece of mat that covers the space below each seat, as well as the space between them. They offer more coverage, but are more difficult to clean.

Sports Logo Mats

Are you a hardcode sports fan? If you answered yes, then a Sports Logo mat might be perfect for you. This rubber mat features the official logo of your favorite sports team from the NHL, NBA, MLB, or NFL.

Here are some of our most popular all-weather liners!

Husky Liners WeatherBeater Mat WeatherTech DigitalFit Mat Husky Liners X-Act Contour Mat Lund Catch-All Xtreme Mat
all-weather-mats-1 all-weather-mats-2 all-weather-mats-3 all-weather-mats-4
Special Powers:
- high lips contain spills
- unique FormFit Edge
- patented “nibs” keep liners in place
Special Powers:
- tray-style design
- digital laser cut
- sculpted channels trap contaminants
Special Powers:
- tall perimeter walls
- FormFit measuring for perfect fit
- raised center ribs
Special Powers:
- tall outer lip design
- patented anti-slip fastener system
-super easy to clean
Material: Thermoplastic Material: HDTE Material: DuraGrip Material: Xynet resin
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty: 3 Years Warranty: Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime
Price: from $81.67 Price: from $71.95 Price: from $89.20 Price: from $89.44

Can't decide which all-weather liner is best for you?
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