10 Best Tonneau Covers

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The tonneau cover is one of those truck accessories that you must have. Tonneaus protect your truck's bed, style your truck's appearance, improve your truck's fuel economy. Basically, they make your life easier.

But each style and design is unique, and will act differently. The covers are available in a variety of materials, opening styles... and prices. The choice can be overwhelming.

So, if you're trying to figure out which one will work best with your truck, check out our list of the Top 10 Tonneau Covers.

best-tonneaus-1 1. TruXedo TruXport Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
TruXedo TruXport tonneau covers do not rely on annoying snaps, clips, or strips which can freeze, stick, rust, and break. They roll up quickly and easily using bows and rear crossmembers. The covers feature a unique tension control system which adjusts easily, and does not require any tools. Their positive latching mechanism gives you added security and allows you to lock the covers to your tailgate.
Special Powers
- Tension control system will keep covers tight in any climate
- Easy and quick one person operation
Warranty: 5 Years
Price: from $361.25
best-tonneaus-2 2. BAK BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover
BAKFlip G2 won't warp or deform over time, even when temperatures are scorching hot or freezing cold! Basically, this cover is as tough as your truck. The tonneau can safely support up to 300 lbs. and is easy to open when you need one-panel access or complete access to your entire truck bed. It's also easily folded out and locks securely to keep your cargo safe and out of sight from thieves. It is constructed from a 1/2" thick EPS core that is placed between two aluminum panels.
Special Powers
- Incremental stage folding to reveal full bed, and protect rear window
- Patented water draining system
- Invisible hinges create a seamless profile
Warranty: 1 Year
Price: from $935.84
best-tonneaus-3 3. Extang Trifecta Folding Tonneau Cover
With a creative tri-folding design, these truck bed covers are super easy to use. Their highly durable frame offers a sleek appearance that will also improve your fuel economy. The Signature series is available with rich vinyl-backed black canvas, while the standard Trifecta tonneau covers offer the traditional heavy-duty commercial grade vinyl. Their all-aluminum frame extremely durable. It features luggage-style clip straps to hold the cover open for large loads.
Special Powers
- Installs in 3 minutes or less with no mods required
- Spring-loaded clamps for quick opening, folding and closing
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: from $557.97
best-tonneaus-4 4. Access TonnoSport Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
Access TonnoSport Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is exactly where “affordable” meets “reliable”. The cover features a sleek and flush fitting profile which looks great and will lighten the stress on your vehicle. It can roll up in stages for maximum functionality and easy access to your cargo. This tonneau cover is designed to accommodate most bed rails, bed caps, tailgate protectors, under-the-rail bed liners and tie downs.
Special Powers
- Strikes the perfect balance between affordability and quality
- Designed for your vehicle, and not a “one-size-fits-all” tonneau cover
Warranty: 3 Years
Price: from $378.67
best-tonneaus-5 5. TruXedo Lo Pro QT Tonneau Cover
This tonneau cover uses side and corner seals to give your vehicle a cool, low profile style! The cover features an innovative spring tensioner which adjusts automatically to keep it tight in varying climates and environments. It's made from industrial-strength Velcro which moves along the rails and reduces overall wear and tear. Accessing your truck bed is quick and easy with the 1-finger release!
Special Powers
- Self-adjusting spring tensioner
- One-finger release
- Industrial-strength Velcro
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: from $552.82
best-tonneaus-6 6. BAK BAKFlip F1 Tonneau Cover
The legendary BAK tonneau cover has the most specialized design and construction available on the market. The tonneau's powerful EPS core is placed between a layer of fiberglass-reinforced polymer on the top and a layer of epoxy-coated aluminum on the bottom. This 3-layer construction can support up to 400lbs. The cover features EPDM rubber hinges for a completely leak-proof seal and superior resistance to corrosion. This cover is easy to open when you need one-panel access or complete access to your entire truck bed. It's also easily folded out and locks securely to keep your cargo safe.
Special Powers
- 3-stage folding reveals full bed and protects rear window
- Scratch and ding resistant
- Indestructible design
Warranty: 2 Years
Price: from $1208.84
best-tonneaus-7 7. RetraxPRO Retractable Tonneau Cover
This tonneau cover is made from industrial-strength aluminum. It has perfect impact resistance and is unharmed by the sun, moisture or temperatures from -50 to +200. You can finally forget about annoying pull straps, snaps, and springs. The cover features a low-profile clamp-on design that is easy to open with just one hand! Its front cover remains flush with the rolling cover for great style and functionality. Your valuables will be protected from prying eyes - the cover is key lockable in any position! This tonneay is great for 5th wheel towing.
Special Powers
- Sealed ball-bearing roller design
- Improves fuel economy by up to 10%
- Can support up to 500 lbs
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: from $2,208.75
best-tonneaus-8 8. Extang Solid Fold Tonneau Cover
Not handy with tools? No need to worry because Extang’s solid folding hard-lid tonneau cover install quickly without the need for tools or mods. The cover relies on secure SafetyKlamps to solidly latch it to your bed. Its constructed from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and glass-filled nylon and weighs just 50 Ibs! The cover is finished with a black Poly-Tex material that will give your truck a sporty look. The tonneau is easy to fold-up or completely remove. And its unique hinge design will channel water away from your cargo for additional protection.
Special Powers
- Quickest and easiest installation requiring no tools
- Easy to fold-up or fully remove
Warranty: 3 Years
Price: from $635.70
best-tonneaus-9 9. Retrax PowertraxONE Tonneau Cover
This tonneau cover is a truly high quality product that will give your truck a luxurious style. The cover is easy to open and close using a small remote key fob, and its electromagnetic brakes allow the cover to lock-up in any position along its rail. The tonneau has an integrated cargo light on the canister that is operated by the remote key fob, which includes an auto shutoff feature. The cover's electrical components require a connection to the battery during the installation.
Special Powers
- True luxury for your truck
- Opens and closes with a remote key fob
- 1-piece polycarbonate construction
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: from $2,443.75
best-tonneaus-10 10. UnderCover Flex Tonneau Cover
The UnderCover Flex is designed with an ultra-low profile for a flush and seamless profile. It can flip up to the truck’s back window and remain stationed there securely. This allows you to drive with it open if you have to! The Flex is bolted together with FRP composite panels that compare lighter, stronger and more dent resistant than aluminum. It will also maintain and protect itself from the elements with self-draining tubes to channel water away from the truck bed. UnderCover makes your decision even easier, promising a no-drill installation of this tonneau on most vehicles.
Special Powers
- Reinforced with Fiber-glass and FRP composite panels
- Dent and scratch resistant
- Self-draining water tubes
Warranty: 3 Years
Price: from $1,026.25

Can't figure out which tonneau cover is best for you?
Drop us a comment below and we'll figure it out together!

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